Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Day She Wore White


Awaiting outside our front door stood a handsome man, carrying a single red rose for his beautiful date. He looked nervous but excited as he stood patiently, waiting for the girl he so loved to answer the door.

She giggled excitedly, her blonde curls bouncing and her blue eyes twinkling as she skipped to the door to greet her date. 

Her nails were painted the palest of pinks, as was the lip gloss she wore for the special occasion. Her hair was adorned with delicate white flowers, matching the angelic dress she wore. She seemed to float to the door as she went to greet the first man she had ever loved. 

Her daddy. 


They started their evening at a local restaraunt before heading to the dance, where she twirled and jumped and pranced and laughed, chasing bubbles and sipping juice out of a purple tea cup. 

She danced with her daddy. 

He danced with his baby girl. 


She wore white to their first dance together...  

...the same color she'll wear one day, when he gives her away.  

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