Friday, March 13, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Soggy Edition

Hellooooo friends of mine! Let's have some (virtual) coffee and convo amidst the raindrops, shall we? Yep, this weekend is looking to be a soggy but warm one. So. I'd suggest we sit on my screened in porch and listen to the rain fall while sharing about the latest and greatest. 

First up, I'd want to know about YOU since we last chatted. How's the fam? How are your friends? How are the weekend plans? I would then share the following about my life over the last week:

...that I am so, so thankful for good friends. This month is a DOOZY as far as travel goes for my hub. Yet, I've had amazing girlfriends who have offered playdates for my kiddos, help with getting to/from teeball practices, and even a baby-share so that I could sneak in a Pure Barre workout or two. Ladies, you know who you are and I love you for it. It definitely takes a village, and I am so very grateful for mine. <3 And this includes you, my awesome Momma and Momma "in law," who both contacted me just hours apart offering to come up and help me with my little trio for a couple days during this crazy month. I am so, so appreciative to have such amazing women in my life. 

Harrison and his boo during my morning of momma-sharing 

...that we soaked up as much sun as we possibly could this week before the rain sets in today. Outside in the warm sun is our happy place. It was glorious.

...that, one week ago, Raleigh, Harrison, and I accompanied Banks on his last preschool field trip. Was that the last time I'll have all three of my kiddos on a field trip together?! We made the most of it at the Children's Museum in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and had a great time together and with sweet school buddies.

...Last Sunday, Raleigh asked that she and I wear matching dresses to church. And I gotta tell ya, when my only daughter still wants to (1) be seen with her momma [stay away, teenage years], and (2) let her momma help choose her clothes [stay away, teenage years], well, consider it done. And she was SO excited. :)

...that, well Harrison. Oh, sweet Harrison. I am beginning to become very sentimental over his last 1.5 months as a baby. I mean, he'll always be my baby. But. We are soon entering the toddler world, where he won't technically be considered a baby anymore. It is just so hard to believe that these photos are 45 weeks apart:

He's been a part of our lives for 45 weeks. And I am so thankful for every beautiful, exhausting, stressful, joyous second. But more on that next month...

For now, I'll conclude our coffee date by wishing you the happiest of weekends. Hopefully, your forecast looks friendlier than ours. Regardless, we have no school today and some very special visitors coming to stay with us this weekend, and we can't wait! We aren't letting the rain put a damper on our excitement. No sirree, Bob. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you visit us in the Mill, I'll always have made-from-scratch treats a-waitin' for ya, like these cookies I made to (1) welcome our guests, (2) practice a fun new hobby of mine, and (3) welcome in St. Patty's Day next week. 

I hope you have a great one with great people, too! See you next time!

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