Monday, March 9, 2015

Isms, Part 18

Back yet again with another round of Banksisms and Raleigh's Ramblings, which from here on out, I will simply be titling the "Ism" posts. My littles make me laugh out loud daily with their antics. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

I LOVE when kids try to sound like grown-ups but mess up the words. For example:

Raleigh: "It was amazeable."
And that is officially now my new favorite word. 

(When pretending to be a thief...)
Banks: "Am I a bad guy? Am I a robert?"
Bless it. And then, he kept referring to himself as a Robert (errr...I think you meant "robber," buddy) all night.

(When trying to ready his new Nerf gun...)
Banks: "It was already peacocked."
Hahaha. Ha. Cocked, little fella. I think you meant cocked. 

Raleigh: "Okay, we are done packing."
Momma: "Where are you going?"
Raleigh: "Somewhere we can be free."
Wow. Wise beyond her years.

Raleigh: "Mom, leave your distance."
Momma: "Huh? Why."
Raleigh: "Because I like distance."
If you say so, sista.

(A conversation that occurred following a President's Day lesson at school...)
Raleigh: "Ow!"
Momma: "What's the matter?"
Raleigh: "Banks pinched my leg."
Banks: "No, I didn't! (thoughtful pause). Actually, I don't want to tell a lie. I did."
Thanks for the help, President Washington. Banks cannot tell a lie.

Momma: "Raleigh, I need to tell you something."
Raleigh: "What?"
Momma: "I think you are so very special."
Raleigh: "I like Christmas."
Alrighty then. Good talk.

Oh, you funny little Lus. What will come out of those innocent little mouths next?! :) 

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