Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015: A Recap

Easter. Such a beautiful, emotional, faith-filled day. One that has become even more meaningful for me since I first became a momma. Now that I have children of my own, it is not uncommon for me to tear up in church, especially on days like today, when I readily reflect on the unending love of my Heavenly Father, that he would give his only Son to save us. Wow. What a love He has for us!

We spent the entire weekend together, as a family o' five, celebrating our risen Savior. There was church, there was food, there was sun, there were eggs, there were friends, there was fun, there were baskets, there was family. It was awesome! 

Here, a lil' recap of our Easter 2015:

On Saturday: 

We were egged! Many have probably heard of being "Boo'd" during the month of October. This is the Easter version, but I love it so much more! Basically, some sweet friends "egged" us, which meant that they left this basket on our doorstep and hid eggs around our yard filled with treats for the kids to hunt BUT one was left un-filled, to represent the empty tomb discovered on the third day. I loved getting to talk about this with the kiddos before letting them tear through the yard searching for eggs, hidden for them especially by their good buddies. :) 

I had more cookie-making and decorating practice over the weekend, too, a fun new hobby I am really enjoying AND a great excuse to leave a little mailbox surprise for sweet neighborhood friends as a way of saying, "Happy Easter!"

On Sunday: 

We began the day by having the kiddos burst through the playroom door, where the Easter Bunny left some sweet surprises for them (My favorites? The Jellycat Bunnies by Peek-a-whoo of course! And the Bibles chosen specifically for each of my babies. Banks especially LOVED his Action Bible. He looked through it, quietly, all on his own, multiple times throughout the day. I highly recommend this for little boys!)

 Banks was just a *smidge* excited

After a quick egg hunt and breakfast, we dressed for church. Unfortunately, Harrison was just not feeling the Easter spirit. This meant absolutely ZERO cute pics of my trio together, in their sweet Easter attire (side note: adorable, monogrammed bow ties by my friend, Melissa, of Palmetto Cuties). Here's the best I could get:

And a few outtakes for a few laughs? Here you go:

" What am I supposed to do about this?"
Yep. Still crying.
Watching on as poor little Harrison throws fit after fit.

Anywho. Off we went to church, where we enjoyed a lovely service before heading out to brunch at a favorite local spot.

But mostly, Harrison was still not feeling all Easter-iffic. 

Not surprisingly, he went down for a really good nap as soon as we got home and was much happier when he woke up. MUCH happier. Whew! Thank goodness! The rest of the day was spent planting flowers in our window boxes, washing cars, playing in the sun, grilling out, dining al fresco, and closing out the day with a dance party on the porch. 

And with that, Easter 2015 came to a close. What a day! I am so very thankful for our faith, Father, family, friends, and church. <3 

Until next year!

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