Friday, April 3, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Spring Break 2K15 Edition

Spring Break 2015!!!!! Woot! Woot! Shots, shots, shots....Okay, so that's not quite how my Spring Breaks go these days. A little less on the shots-side, a little more on the playdate-side. Ha!

For our coffee date this morning, I'm popping in quickly with a post that's heavy on pictures, light on words because, well, we have more Spring Breaking to do! For the first time in FOREVER (cue the "Frozen" song-ha!), my hub took today off, and we have something really fun and exciting planned for the kiddos. But for now, after hearing first about YOU and your week, I would share the week o' fun that has been our Spring Break 2K15 staycation, including:

...Monday: a day trip to Columbia (where my parents live) for a fun day with ALL of the sweet cousins from "my side" of the family (7 in total, with another sweet nephew making his debut at the end of the summer!) as well as 5 of the 6 sistas. 

...Tuesday: a backyard morning play date with dear friends as well as lots of time outdoors with my little trio that afternoon.

...Wednesday: a morning trip to the mall so a certain *someone* could get his first pair of big boy shoes followed immediately by an impromptu visit with the Easter Bunny. And of course, more time outdoors, including tennis practice with my sports-loving 5.5-year-old, spontaneous play time with our sweet neighbor trio, and walks with all three of my babes in tow.

...Thursday: a little errand running, a little Easter egg dyeing, a little more fun in the glorious sun.

...Friday: today! A family cheering section for Raleigh at gymnastics followed by a fun, surprise adventure for the kiddos, before dinner with great friends tonight. 

Whew! We'll been spending our weekend planting flowers (since the weather should be more cooperative this weekend than last) and spending Easter as a family o' five, celebrating our Lord and Savior.

I hope your week has been fantastic as well and that you have a joyous celebration this weekend with loved ones. See you next week!

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