Monday, April 13, 2015

Two Truths And A Lie

Want to play a little see-how-well-you-know-me game? Not narcissistic at all, right? Ha! Just a fun little way to introduce some random self facts. 


It's called Two Truths and a Lie. Basically, I present three statements at a time. Two of the statements are true. One is false. Think you know me? Let's find out

(A.) I have a very small tattoo on my very lower abdomen.
(B.) I make my bed every single morning.
(C.) I sometimes sleep in workout clothes if I know I'll be working out at some point the next day.

(A.) When I am annoyed at someone, I will have very elaborate, angry conversations with them in my head, planning out exactly what I want to say, anticipating how they'll respond, and making sure my point gets across by the end. 
(B.) I used to have my tongue pierced.
(C.) I had a pet gerbil named "Snot" when I was younger ("Snot" my gerbil!). 

(A.) I didn't like tomatoes nor red wine before I was married.
(B.) I don't understand people who have more than one pair of the same style of shoes in the same color.
(C.) I love "Game of Thrones."

(A.) I average seeing myself in the mirror twice daily: once when getting ready in the morning and once when getting ready for bed.
(B.) One of the children's book manuscripts I recently (re) submitted for publication was accepted by a local publishing company!
(C.) A recent google search on my computer included "how to boil eggs."
(A.) My dad owned a side business when I was little with the slogan, "Cheap Skates--It's better on wheels."
(B.) I recently sewed my first piece of apparel-a pillowcase dress!
(C.) It has been years since I've read a celeb gossip magazine.

(A.) Each time I found out I was pregnant, I secretly wished for twins.

(B.) I have zero sense of direction. Zer.O.
(C.) I seriously considered trying out to be a Panthers cheerleader this year. 

(A.) I wanted to wear headgear when I was younger.
(B.) I was an audience member for tapings of "Saved by the Bell" and "Family Matters" as a child.
(C.) I have a pretty severe fear of flying and require several adult bevs before stepping foot on a plane. And by several, I mean at least three.

So. Whatcha think? Get 'em right? Oh, I guess the answers would help, huh?

Let's just say I:
Do not have any tattoos. 
Have never owned a gerbil.
Do not watch "Game of Thrones" (to my hub's dismay!).
Am still not a published children's book author. :(
Can't even sew a button on a shirt.
Was completely thrilled by my one little fetus each of my pregnancies.
Love to fly!

Anyone else want to play? I love finding out random facts about my friends! :) 


  1. A. I got my nose pierced in college only to take it out about two weeks later.

    B. I had a tattoo fetish, having 4 of my own.

    C. I have sever flying anxiety and have to have at least two drinks.

    1. Ooooh...hmmm...Let's see. I think you do NOT have tattoos. Am I right??