Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Isms, Part 19

A little humor for this hump day, from my favorite little comedians: I now present, Isms: Part 19, straight from the mouths of Banks and Raleigh: 

Momma: "When was the last time "John" was at school?"
Banks: "The day before he was gone."
Seems pretty logical to me. 

Banks: "When is Harrison going to get teeth?"
Momma: "I'm not sure. Most babies already have some by now."
Banks: "Well, maybe God's just not done building them yet."
Pure sweetness.
(A conversation I overheard between Banks and Raleigh...)
Banks: "When I'm 16, I won't be living with you, Raleigh. I'll be living with "Jane" in Atlanta."
"Jane" is his current girlfriend, FYI. I'm not sure how fond I am of this plan. 

Momma: "What would get you to come on?"
Banks: "Well, if you would, like, tie my favorite food to a stick..."
A la Bugs Bunny style? Ha!

Banks: "Mom, I have bad news."
Momma: "What?"
Banks: "I have two jeans that have holes in the knees."
Momma: "How did that happen?"

Banks: "From me sliding on them."
Momma: "Okay, well, you need to stop doing that."
Banks: "I tried, but it's just too difficult."

Momma: "Raleigh, do you need anything from the grocery store?"
Raleigh: "Yeah, I want a kitty."
Sure thing. I'll get right on that. 

(after making a great tennis shot while playing me in tennis...)
Banks: "I really put the sprinkles on that sundae!"
What the??? Hahahaha!

Daddy: "Banks, Cooper [our dog] has a hurt leg." 
Banks: "Are we going to take him to the vegetarian?"
Close, buddy. So close.

(The context of this one? Out of nowhere...)
Raleigh: "Mommy, even if a birdie is not white, it still has white poop."
Alrighty then. 

If you need me, I'll be laughing my way through the rest of the week. :)

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