Friday, April 10, 2015

Five on Friday: Welcome Back! Edition

Getting wacky and wild and switching things up this week with a little Five on Friday. Off we go!:

Last Friday, we closed out our Spring Break 2K15 with a bang by taking the kiddos to Carowinds for the first time! 

For those not from the Carolinas, Carowinds is a big ol' fun ol' amusement park located on the South Carolina/North Carolina border (and thus, approximately 5 minutes from our home). 

 Banks' first rollercoaster. My cautious, careful boy? Hated it. Don't let this smile fool you. He was burying his face in my stomach the whole time while yelling "I don't like this!!!" And yes, it was the kiddie coaster.
 In contrast, he LOVED the Dinosaurs Alive part of the park. Trust me. I read of the detailed descriptions of the 30+ life-like, moving-and-roaring dinosaurs at his request. Every one. 
 Sweet boy, waving hi to his Momma and older sibs while we were on a ride. 

My hub and I have had a summer date night there each year since we moved here (can't wait to go for our date this summer and take on Fury 325, the fifth tallest coaster in the world!), yet we've never taken our kids. So, it was high time! Even though it was probably busier than usual, being Spring Break and all, we all had a great time! 


We went ahead and bought season passes, and I have big plans of heading there multiple times throughout the summer as a fun, surprise excursion for the kiddos on random days. Can't wait for the water park section to open up!

This last week turned out to be a busy but very fun one for the Lu crew, including multiple planned (and sporadic!) playdates with lots of neighborhood buddies, a momma's night out on Monday to celebrate a dear friend's upcoming big 4-0, and a little solo shopping for moi one evening, since I realized I am in DESPERATE need of some new Spring/Summer tops (given that last Spring/Summer I was pregnant and then postpartum and thus, rocking mostly maternity wear and t-shirts). Whew! We are definitely coming out of our winter hibernation and welcoming a busier calendar, and time with those we love, with open arms.

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE living in the South? I do. I absolutely love it. For so many reasons. One of them? Eighty plus degree temperatures. In April. Cue an afternoon of water play. 

While Banks and Rals are clearly always ready to throw down, aqua style, this was Harrison's first go at the ol' trusty water table. The verdict? 

Success! This kiddo splashed and splashed and splashed!

A quick update on Harrison's self-feeding: He is knocking it out of the park. Y'all. I have prayed so hard for this. My LifeGroup was even praying for this for us! I have cried over it multiple times. Tried many, many, MANY strategies. Sought advice from other mommas. Consulted with an occupational therapist about it. Taken breaks from trying. Tried to force it. Done everything I can think of. Trust me. Everything. And over the last few weeks, something clicked. Now? Homeboy is self-feeding left and right. It is awesome. I am so, so proud of my littlest boy. <3

I have a few (hopefully!) helpful and (hopefully!) informative posts coming soon answering some questions I've received over the last year. So. Stay tuned... :) We mommas gotta stick together!

And with that, TGIF! We are headed to my hub's hometown of Aiken, South Carolina, to celebrate the impending nuptials of his beautiful Aunt Jane (who our own Raleigh Jane is named after!) and soak in time with family. It should be lots of fun had by all! 

I hope you have a fun, wild, and crazy one, too!

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