Friday, August 14, 2015

Five On Friday: So Long, Summer Edition

Well, it's safe to say this has been the fastest summer of my life. Sheesh! How are we halfway through August and officially saying good-bye to our summer break this weekend? Pure craziness, I tell ya. Anywho. Closing out the week with the Friday Five:

Last weekend, six of my neighborhood girlfriends and I traveled to Lake Watuaga, in the mountains of Tennessee for an amazing weekend away. My dear friend's parents were so kind to let us use their lake/mountain house and were the most gracious hosts, making us breakfast and dinner outdoors over the fire, giving us boat tours of the most beautiful lake I've ever seen, driving us to the "beach" where the river met the lake so that we could lounge, drink, and chat, and then whipping our tails by pulling us around on the tube, leaving me with as many bruises and laughs and amazing memories. It was an absolutely awesome weekend with great friends, one I won't soon forget. I'm already counting down 'til next time! And while we ladies agreed that some of our pictures and videos will forever be stored in secret in "the vault," here are a few that are okay for sharing: 

 Four of us went up Friday night and had dinner in Boone at an AMAZING brewery before the rest of our crew joined us the next morning
 Yes, that is a pig. He randomly walked out of the woods. Gotta love Tennessee. :) 
 We love Mr. M! Such an awesome host (and chef!)
 Breakfast over the fire
 The most gorgeous lake I've ever seen!

It's no secret that I love take each of my babies on one-on-one Momma dates from time to time, and with kindergarten fast approaching, I knew I wanted to take Banks somewhere special before the school year began. One of our dear friends plays on the Panthers, so when his wife, also a close friend, and her sons invited Banks and I to join them for a Panthers practice, I didn't hesitate to graciously accept the invitation! And what an awesome, memorable morning it was! Banks and I headed to Spartanburg, South Carolina, where the Panthers practice and were given access to the fields. We got to stand right next to the players as they were practicing. Our friends also invited another couple, who brought their four adorable kiddos, and they all had the best time throwing around a football and getting in their own "practice" while the Panthers were just feet away. So cool! Afterwards, Banks was able to get the players to sign his football, which is now proudly displayed in his room. It was just awesome! So, thank you, Brittany and Graham, for this super cool experience. We loved every minute. Go Panthers!

Sadly, I ended up getting sick shortly after coming home from our special Momma date (a two-day-long migraine and still lingering, nasty cough, to be exact). I was especially bummed about this because my hub and I had to cancel plans with two of our best friends for our annual double date to Carowinds. I was pumped all summer to ride front row in the new rollercoaster, Fury, and was so disappointed when I got sick. :( I guess Fury will have to wait. Luckily, after 48 hours the migraine finally made it's way out and we were able to close out tons of errands that took over the week, including haircuts (Raleigh's first EVER! Yes, her baby brother got his first haircut at 15 months before she got hers, at 3.5 years), a neighborhood kindergarten social, getting little feet measured, party planning for a certain someone's upcoming 6th birthday, getting supplies for a very special father-son project :), and various odds and ends to prep for the elementary school year. Whew!

Yesterday, my hub and I accompanied Banks to meet his kindergarten teacher. I have been praying hard for the kind of teacher I hoped he would get for his first year of formal schooling, and I definitely think Mrs. M is an answered prayer. With 20 years of elementary teaching experience, including 9 in kindergarten as well as experience as a literacy facilitator, I know he will grow leaps and bounds under her care and instruction this year. Not to mention, her warm smile, love of teaching, and kind demeanor will undoubtedly help him adjust to this big change. We also met Mrs. M's teaching assistant, Ms. M, who was formerly a preschool teacher at Banks' preschool. That has to be a good sign, right? Right? Banks also got to tour his new school, and was so excited to tell his little sister all about it when we got home. :) While my momma heart aches to be sending my first baby off to kindergarten, I truly believe that this will be a magical year for my Banks.

So. Here it is: the last weekend of the summer. Our plans? Family time--just the five of us. With me being gone last weekend and my hub being gone next weekend, we wanted to spend our last summer weekend as just our little Lu crew. We'll be hitting up the back-to-school pool party tomorrow but other than that, have no set plans. Hooray!

I hope you have a great weekend, too! If you have a minute to spare, would you mind praying that Banks has an awesome week in kindergarten next? And if you have two minutes to spare, will you also pray for my momma heart? Thank you kindly. <3 Have a good one!


Ahhhhhh!!! I had to include this last minute addition: I am an aunt again! My sweet nephew, Wilson, was born last night and is so very handsome and perfectly healthy. Welcome to our family, sweet boy! We love you! And congrats to the brand new momma and daddy! <3



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