Monday, August 31, 2015

Mom-ing Through Faith: On Treating Ourselves

This weekend, we visited one of my sisters and her family in Georgia. On Saturday morning, our hubs and my oldest son, Banks, headed out to the golf course to enjoy 18 holes. When they returned, my sister and I snuck out for pedicures and a little shopping. The first store we walked into was an adorable little boutique filled with clothing for both mommas and kiddos. I beelined for the sweet children's clothing and then immediately admitted to my sister that I have a really hard time buying things for myself but will not hesitate to drop a dollar or two or more on my children at a moment's notice. Their closets are filled with adorable, fashionable clothing while mine is rarely updated and contains less than half of what theirs hold. 

On the way home from our visit, I was reading through a book I adore by Lysa TerKeurst, Am I Messing Up My Kids, when I came across a chapter that I think the good Lord intended me to read at that very moment: "Is It Wrong To Treat Myself?" Ding, ding, ding. Wow! Do I struggle with this. 

Do you, too?

Lysa acknowledges that "the best kind of refreshment is found when we go to the Lord and ask Him to fill us." But, as she suggests, just as our little ones' eyes light up when we surprise them with a special treat, which in turn makes us mommas feel happy, "our Heavenly Father would like us to receive things that make us happy as a treat from Him."

Now, do I think this means go spoil ourselves rotten? Overspend? Become greedy? Do I think this will provide lasting joy and fulfillment? No. 

But, as Lysa suggests, these little things can lighten a heavy moment and put a little pep in our step. 

She offers three suggestions that I think are great ways to offer little treats to ourselves: 

(1) Make a list of little things that make you happy and create a little care package for yourself the next time you're feeling drained. Things like a special Starbucks drink, a favorite candle, homemade cookies, new stationary, etc., can all bring a little ray of sunshine to a gloomy day. 

(2) Make sure there is always something to look forward to in the near future on your calendar. Perhaps it's a date with your hubby, a girls night out, a hair appointment, or even a bubble bath once all the kids are down. Knowing something special is coming is a great treat for yourself!

(3) Get rid of "hoarder disorder." Burn the candle you have been saving for special occasions, serve yourself lunch on your special china, put on the cute new outfit you've been saving. There is no prize for hanging on to the "good" stuff for a "special occasion" and not using it. Make today a special occasion!

As Lysa says, "I want to be a mother with a smile on her face. I want to teach my kids that it doesn't mean you are a worldly person if you happen to find a little joy in the things of the world that bring your heart comfort."

So. Let's do it, mommas. Let's find a way to put a smile on our own faces this week! Who's up for the challenge of completing the three suggestions Lysa offers to treat ourselves? I know I am!

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:4.


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