Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Isms, Part 21


The comments and observations and conversations from my two oldest littles are just priceless these days. As seen in, Isms, Part 21:

Banks: "Mom, I have a good idea, and it might be a really good idea."
Momma: "What?"
Banks: "What if we go around the world to every house and see if they have any food and if they don't, we can give them some money so they can get some food and toys."
Oh, you sweet, sweet boy. <3

(While playing the card game Uno with Nana at the beach...)
Banks: "Nana, can you struggle these? 
And then, maybe after that, you can difficult deal them?

Banks: "Momma, you know what I'm going to be a when I grow up?"
Momma: "What?"
Banks: "A Daddy."

Banks: "Mom, you have a big hiney."
Momma: "I do?"
Banks: "Yeah. A really big one!"
They always know just what to say, don't they? I guess Pure Barre has really been enlarging my ledge. 

Banks: "Does God know how many stars are in the sky?"
Momma: "Yes!"
Banks: "Holy cow! He really does know everything!"
<3 <3 <3

Daddy: "Retire to your quarters."
Banks: "I have no idea what that means."

Raleigh: "Mom, my honey said today is the worst day ever."
Momma: "Why?"
Raleigh: "Because the sun is hot and lellow, and she doesn't like that so very much. But I do!"
Yes, Raleigh calls her baby dolls her "honeys." And yes, she says "lellow" for /yellow/. And no, I don't correct her when she says either. 

(Starts singing...)
Raleigh: "Soldiers in your way"
Momma: "Wait... What song is that? It sounds familiar..."
Raleigh: "It's on TV. (Sings) Soldiers in your way."
Momma: "Ohhhh...Foldgers in your cup."
Apparently, she gets her lyric confusion from her momma, who never knows the right words. 

Raleigh: "Mom I'm picking the grass and throwing it."
Momma: "You are?"
Raleigh: "Yes. That's what God told me to do."
Cute now. Not so cute if she continues to use this excuse down the road...


(after listening to that oh-so-familiar tune from the 90's...)
Banks: "Who really let the dogs out?"
A valid question, I think.

Raleigh: "Mom, do you want to see who can do the more better-est?"
And then, a little piece of my grammar-lovin' heart died. Ha! Looks like we've got some work to do. ;)

Banks: "Mom, can you please buy me some different shampoo. I don't want to burn my sweet eyes."
On it. We've got to protect those sweet eyes. 

How I love these kiddos and their innocence!

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