Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lately With The Lu Crew

It's amazing how summer days can be so lazy and so busy all at the same time. We are slowly ticking off the last of our summer days. A little bit of what we've been up to lately, for memory's sake: 

The school supplies have been purchased. The lunch box and thermos are ready. The back to school outfit has been selected. And now, it's officially official: the kindergarten teacher assignment has been made. Wow! The texts and Facebook messages that were flying on teacher assignment day-ha! There are TONS of rising kindergarteners in our neighborhood (30? 40? I can't even keep track!), and Banks has five or six of those kiddos in his class so far that we know of, two of whom are already sweet friends. And I could not be happier with his teacher assignment--I've heard such wonderful things about her, and I have no doubt he'll grow leaps and bounds this year under her care and instruction. I still can't believe he'll be beginning his elementary school journey in just over a week, but time marches on, I does Darth Vader? :)

Luckily, we have several fun neighborhood back-to-school events next week, including a kindergarten social as well as a big back-to-school pool party. So, we'll be closing out the fastest summer of my life with a bang! Then, I'm hosting a "Mimosas for the Mommas" party the first day (morning) of school for a few fellow kindergarten mommas, which will hopefully distract us (me) from our (my) babies heading off to elementary school.

Raleigh doesn't go back to school until September, so it'll be nice to transition into elementary school life for Banks before Raleigh begins her second year of preschool. She will be doing three days this year, and we were absolutely thrilled when we received her teacher assignment and student roster. I think this will be a great year for her. 

Raleigh is also THRILLED that she is finally old enough to take dance, and she will be doing a tap/ballet class through a local dance school here in the Mill. She already loves tap-tap-tapping around the house in her new tap shoes and leotards and doing "shows" for us; so, I can't wait for her first day!

Harrison got his first official haircut last week, and ohmyheart. I can hardly stand my sweet little gentleman. He has quite a bit of stranger anxiety these days (and by "quite a bit" I mean, sweet Jesus, help him!); so, I was anticipating full on screams and crocodile tears. But. No sirree, Bob. The kiddo knocked it out of the park, sitting calmly while happily enjoying his (first ever!) lollipop. 

It has been SO nice having my hub home every morning and night. Not only do we get to spend so much more time together as a full family of five, but he and I have had so many more wonderful conversations and quality time. Last year, we almost felt like two ships passing in the night, but these days, we begin our days by sipping hot coffee on our back porch before praying together as we begin our day. I love it so very much.

Last weekend, Harrison and I ventured to Charleston to celebrate my sweet niece's first birthday. If it hasn't been made clear already, I ADORE my nieces and nephews and any excuse to see them is a good one for me! We had a wonderful day celebrating our precious Skylar, who is as sweet and mellow and beautiful and happy as they come. 

Other than that, we've been poolin' it as much as possible, eating our weight in snow cones, enjoying family movie nights, bouncing away at jump houses with friends, getting in some putting practice, and making lots of other fun memories in between. Just over one week left of our summer break before the reality of school schedules sets in...

The innocence of childhood just melts my heart. Banks was so proud to show me what he created during his "Room Time" earlier this week: "It's a cross with Jesus and that says, 'God' and those are two American flags because 'God bless the USA." Oh, you sweet, sweet boy. 

Meanwhile, Raleigh always has to make sure all her "buddies" are tucked in for their naps before she takes her own. <3

Let's hear it for the girls! I am headed out tomorrow afternoon with seven awesome girlfriends from my neighborhood for a super fun girls weekend! We are headed to the mountains of North Carolina, where we will be braving the river rapids, cruising on boats and jet skis, playing fun games, and eating and drinking our weekend away. I.cannot.wait. for time with these amazing women!

And with that, I'm off to prep for my weekend away with my girls while my hub holds down the fort with our little trio. Have an awesome weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with the latest in the Mom-ing Through Faith series. Thank you again for the awesome readership and commentary--both publicly and privately--we are in this thing together. Xoxo!

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