Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Night Before Kindergarten

Your bag has been packed;
Your lunch has been made;
Your clothes, been laid out;
We've fervently prayed.

And now you're tucked in,
We've counted those sheep;
I peek just once more;
You're still, fast asleep.

I am not yet ready
For this bright new start;
But here's the thing, Banks,
you certainly are

You're ready for reading;
You're ready for fun;
You're ready for lunch,
Recess in the sun.

You're ready for math
And P.E., too;
You're ready for friends,
Both old and new.

You're up for the challenge;
You're ready to soar,
To reach your potential,
To learn so much more. 

You're ready, my Bankster,
But please know this, too:
You're taking a piece
Of my heart there with you.

I'll squeeze your hand gently
As we say goodbye;
Give a wave and a smile,
And then wipe my eyes.

I'll count down the minutes
To see your sweet face,
To hear your adventures
Within this new place. 

Tomorrow we start:
Kindergarten, here we come!
Be kind to my buddy,
Take care of my son.

The day has come, Banks. I could not be prouder of you, and I will miss you like crazy each and every moment. BUT. The world awaits. Let's do this thing! FMES or bust!!!

With All My Heart,


  1. Tears!!! So sweet!! Hope he has a great day!!

  2. Finally read this! Oh how I love it!