Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Blessings

Shoooooey! What a week it's been! Based on all the beautiful photos and videos I saw on social media, it looks as though so many people I love had a lovely Christmas this year. We, too, had a wonderful day and are relishing this week together at home before school starts back next week. 

Before I share a few of our highlights of our pre-, during, and post-Christmas fun, I wanted to share a video that was created by, and shown in, our church during the Christmas Eve service. It had me laughing and then nodding my head while trying to keep myself, and my abundant blessings, in check. It is less than 2 minutes long; so, if you can spare that, please take a quick peek. I would love to know what you think!: 

Amazing, isn't it? We have so much STUFF. I've written about it before, and I thought the video was the perfect tool to pop the self-indulgent bubble I like to live in and help get my selfish, sinful self back to reality. 

Annnnywho, stepping off that soapbox, here is what we've been up to in our celebrating of Christmastime: 

BEFORE: My hub was able to take some time off last week, so we spent time as a family. One of us got glasses...

And two of us headed out to a grown-up holiday party (while another of us decided to photo bomb our pic at the last second). We had a GREAT time!


And did I mention that SANTA CALLED?!? 

We headed to church for the beautiful Christmas Eve service that had me in tears. The music, the message, the hope, the joy, the beauty that filled that room...just awesome. And Banks got to stay with my hub and me for the service and it just felt so important having him in there with us. 

That night, we decorated, and set out, our cookies for Santa, poured our reindeer food in the yard, and listened to Daddy and Banks read the story of Jesus' birth and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Then, it was off to bed so Santa would come!

DURING: There are just no words adequate enough to describe the magic that is seeing your babies take in Christmas morning. We always have our kiddos take a picture together at the top of the stairs (as I did growing up) before coming downstairs to see if Santa came. 

And well, folks...he did! He came! We spent the morning opening and playing with gifts and eating the breakfast casserole I had prepped the night before. 

The rest of the day was spent playing together, watching one of my favorite Christmas movies ("Love Actually"), and then eating the delicious dinner my hub made for us (steak and mashed potatoes and roasted carrots and rolls and a hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie skillet with melting ice cream on top).

We then rolled ourselves away from the table and called it a day. It was perfect. 

AFTER: While my hub had to return to work on Tuesday, the kids and I are making the most of the break. On Monday, I took Banks and Raleigh to an outdoor ice skating rink and we had! 

On Tuesday, I took Raleigh and Harrison to the Charlotte airport overlook park where we saw plane after plane after plane take off right before our eyes. I have never seen so many take off in a one-hour period but it was awesome! I guess because of the holiday travel...? Anywho, the kids just loved it. 



And today's adventure? IKEA! I am headed there to pick up birthday gifts for a certain little lady who is turning the big 0-5 next week as well as some big boy bedding since MY BABY BOY IS NOW SLEEPING IN A BIG BOY BED (insert all of the crying emojis here. I'm not ready!). 

Oh, and lest you think we have been go, go, going, non-stop? Nope. We have had plenty of downtime and playing and movie watching and snuggling and rest. Just what the doctor ordered!

More adventures will come as we close out 2016, including the "Countdown to 12:00" (as in noon) that I do with the kids each NYE so they can have their special countdown without having to stay up until midnight. :) It is a hit every year and I recommend it for all you mommas out there. :) We'll be cheering on our Tigers that night and crossing all of our fingers and toes they beat those Buckeyes so we can head to the National Championship (again! Come on, Tigers!) the following weekend. 

I'll be back with one more post later this week. But for now? Adventures await!

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