Saturday, December 24, 2016

Gold E. Locks, Year 5

In our home, it's just not Christmas without our beloved Gold E. Locks, aka Goldy, who made his debut five years ago. The squeals and gasps and laughs that are heard from all three of my kiddos each morning of December leading up to Christmas Eve are just priceless. As I do each year, I like to document Goldy's shenanigans in my lil' ol' space here. So. Without further adieu, the 24 days of Goldy for 2016:

Day 1. An elf needs a place to sleep! Goldy left supplies for the kiddos to make a gingerbread home for him.

Day 2.Goldy just had to try out the hit game of 2016.

Day 3. It was ACC Championship Day, and Goldy had his gear on and was ready to cheer on the Tigers to their victory. While he waited, he decided to relive the glorious Clemson/Carolina game from the previous weekend. ;)

Day 4. Crazy ol' Goldy decided to rappel down from the ceiling.

Day 5. Goldy was ready to follow the kids along in their adventures throughout the day. Since he was in a jar, they were able to tote him around without touching him!

Day 6. One of Goldy's favorites each year is to leave an empty box for Banks, Raleigh, and Harrison to fill with some of their own toys to donate to children in need.

Day 7. Another of Goldy's annual favorites! He has connections with the Jolly Ol' Soul and loves to leave them personal messages from Santa himself each year! (

Day 8. Yet another annual tradition: Goldy instructs the kiddos to head to our local pottery place to help create a plate to add to our family's dinnerware collection each year. And now that we have five plates (new one shown on Day 24), we'll ALL be able to eat off them for our Christmas dinner this year. Thanks, Goldy!

Day 9. Goldy left the kids their official Christmas jammies, just in time for them to take them to Bammy and Digby's for the first of two extended family celebrations.

Day 10. Goldy and some of his elfy cousins decided to have themselves a little snowball fight after arriving safely at Bammy and Digby's.
Day 11. Goldy and cousins decided to have even more fun, hiding 12 candy canes for all of the BLOMPS cousins to find!

Day 12. Goldy made it back home to the Mill but was worn out from the crazy fun weekend, so much so that he face-planted into his favorite bag of candy!

Day 13. Goldy decided that our home just wasn't festive enough and decided to wrap our refrigerator, that nut!

Day 14. With the sugar overload that comes with the Christmas season, Goldy decided the kids needed new toothbrushes...and him, too!

Day 15. "I always feel like...somebody's WATCHING me!" I guess Goldy was humming away with that ol' 80s tune while putting eyeballs on all of the refrigerated products! 

Day 16. Sweet Goldy loves any celebration and wanted to help celebrate this momma turning the big 3-6. <3

Day 17. Goldy made it to Aiken for the second extended family celebration and got all crazy, rolling Nana and Pop's Christmas tree.

Day 18. Goldy and his Luton elf cousins decided to leave supplies for all the kids to make reindeer headpieces. So fun!

Day 19. Goldy made it back TO our home but not IN our home. Sorry Goldy!

Day 20. Goldy finally made his way inside and decided that he and the kiddos should have ice cream for breakfast!

Day 21. Now that school was officially out for Christmas break, Goldy decided that a family movie night was needed mid-week (instead of our usual Friday night movie watching!). You got it, Goldy!

Day 22. Christmas is clearly very close, as Goldy left reindoor food for the kids to sprinkle on the lawn to help guide Santa and his reindeer to our home!

Day 23. Yep. Goldy definitely has connections. He let Banks, Raleigh, and Harrison know that Santa would be calling them THAT day! Hooray!

Day 24. The last day. Goldy left cookies for the kids to decorate to leave out for Santa, as well as letter letting them know he'd be back next year.

Dear Goldy, thank you for the pure, sweet, innocent JOY you brought to our home each morning. We'll miss you but will see you again soon!

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