Friday, February 19, 2016

Isms, Part 23

It's been awhile. Time for a few Friday Funnies to kick off the weekend :)

Raleigh: "Do you know that my "Pledge of Allegiance Girl" that Bammy and Digby gave me is my sister?
Y'all. Her American Girl doll. She is talking about her American Girl doll, who is also, apparently, known as her "Pledge of Allegiance Girl."

(While gazing out the car window on a road trip...)
Raleigh: "Mom, the moon is going with us!"
Sweet innocence. <3

Raleigh: "I want to take these pants off 'cause they're hotting me."

(While listening to the Christmas classic that starts out, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...")
Banks: "A turkey and some missing toes?"
A turkey and some MISTLETOE, my friend. 

Raleigh: "This is a good Christmas day."
Banks: "Especially when we are together."
Not funny. Just melt-a-momma's-heart sweet. 

(During bedtime reading...)
Banks: "Mom, I'm curious. What does this story represent?"

(After searching forever for a lost toy and Momma wanted to throw in the towel...)
Banks: "You have to keep looking. We're Lutons. We don't give up."
Atta boy [insert muscle emoji]  ;)

Raleigh: "You just have to try so hardly, Banks! You just have to try!"
Try hard. Try hardly. Tomato, Tomahto.

(While watching Tangled, specifically the scene where Rapunzel cuts off her hair in an attempt to save her love, Eugene, and is crying at the time...)
Raleigh: "Mom, she's sad that she doesn't have long hair anymore."
Banks: "No, she's sad because Eugene died."
Clearly, having long hair is EVERYTHING in Raleigh's world. :) :) 

(When Momma had the worst ear infection ever and was trying to clean the kitchen...) 
Raleigh: "Mom! Don't clean! I'll clean for you!"
Oh, my sweet, sweet girl. <3 

(While wandering around the playroom...)
Harrison: "Oh dear!"
Oh my heart. 


 Have a great weekend, all!

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