Monday, February 22, 2016

Mom-ing Through Faith: On Being A Mist

I love to fly.

Last month, as my hub and I were traveling home from Arizona (Go Tigers!), I let my mind wander while staring out the airplane window. Two things were immediately apparent: This is an enormous world, and I am a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty little speck of a person. I am just one small being amongst billions. We all are. 

We flew across the U.S., over millions and millions of people's homes. I was thinking about each of those people. How every single one has their own thoughts and feelings and lives and priorities, hopes and dreams, struggles and successes. And yet, each of them, each of us, despite feeling our own lives are so BIG, are really these teeny, tiny, itty, bitty little specks on a great big earth.

So. Why are we here? Why was each of us, each little speck, uniquely and wonderfully made, with a plan crafted for our lives before we were even gifted our lives on this earth? What is the purpose and point? 

I don't know. 

I do know that I believe in God. And there was a specific reason he created you and me. I believe that one day we will understand the reasons. 

I also believe that, given that we are teeny, tiny specks among billions, and we are here on this earth but an instant, we should:
  • Use the time we have wisely. To pursue God. To encourage others to do the same. To be good examples for others. I think this looks differently for different people. And whether someone is brand new to the world of Christianity, with questions and confusion and uncertainty, or well-established in his/her faith, each is a beautiful walk, with none being better or "more right" than the other.
  • Realize that we are all sinners, daily, and spend less time judging others for their sins and instead focus on making fewer sins of our own. I tell my children all the time to stop tattling on their siblings and instead focus on making better choices themselves. I think we adults should do the same. I am a sinner. You are a sinner. We should turn our focus inward on bettering ourselves, rather than constantly judging those around us, so that we can be better stewards of our faith.
  • LOVE those we are lucky enough to have in our lives. And forgive those who have hurt us, even when it feels as though they don't deserve forgiveness. Over and over and over-we should forgive. I see hurt and pain around me and often wonder, 'How would he/she feel if their loved one or friend suddenly passed on? Would he/she feel regret over how he/she treated the relationship, over the love and forgiveness that went unshared? Or would he/she be okay knowing how things ended?' When I, myself, selfishly don't want to forgive, I ask myself what would this world be like, what would heaven be like, if God didn't extend the same courtesy to me? If He can forgive me for my multitude of sins, shouldn't I forgive others, even when the sentiment goes unreturned or unnoticed? I want to know that, when my loved ones' times come to an end, and mine as well, everyone in my life knows how very much I love them. 
I don't know why we are here, each of us, each our own itty, bitty, teeny, tiny little speck in an enormous world. But. I do know, at the end of my life, whether that be today, tomorrow, or many years from now, I want to be able to say that my speck of a life was one filled with love for God, pursuit of a better me, active attempts to make the world better by being a disciple of Jesus. I want to be able to confidently say that my family and friends know how very much I love them. I want to be a forgiving person who also seeks forgiveness from others. I want to be able to say my speck of a life, my short time here, was one defined, first and foremost, by Christianity. Do you think you'll be able to say the same?

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.  James 4:14.

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