Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lu Leftovers

A few "Lu Leftovers" (aka Midweek Randoms, aka Brain Dump) as we roll through the week...
  • I realized I never shared (part of) the Christmas gifts we gave our parents this year. Like most grandparents, our Bammy/Digby and Nana/Pop love personalized gifts, particularly those pertaining to their children/grandchildren. I decided to create two special pieces for them, depicting them with each of their grandbabies. Happy tears were shed, which always makes this Momma's heart happy. <3

  • One word: Ebates. I mean, y'all. Come ON. Why aren't you using this yet? This isn't a gimmick. It is seriously FREE money. I wouldn't lie to you! If you only shop, all you do is click through the ebates link to get to the store where you are intending to shop. That is IT. No fees, no strings, no nuthin.' I have made several hundred dollars from shopping online simply by using ebates. Basically, they give you a percentage of what you spend, just by clicking through their webpage. I have done this for a couple years now, and you should, too! Here: give it a try!
  • I also wouldn't lie to you about Rodan and Fields. As I originally promised, I have refrained from saturating your social media pages with millions of R+F posts. Don't you see enough of that already? I do. And I don't want to be one of the masses. I also REFUSE to be someone who assures you that ALL R+F products work AMAZINGLY WELL. They don't. Many do. But, to be completely and totally honest, some don't. I am more than happy to give you the truth about this stuff that is E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. if you want a non-BS version of it. Just send me an email or Facebook message, and I'll answer any and all questions you may have. Cross my heart. 
  • My cousin is getting married at the end of April. Last weekend, my aunt and uncle (who live in our 'hood!) hosted a wedding party for them. It was so fun and meant we got to see lots of family members, from near and far, and have a fun grandparent/sibling/cousin sleepover at our house. A blast! Next stop, wedding shenanigans! 

  • I started this book about a week ago. So good. So, so good! I mean, For The Love, is still my all-time favorite (so funny! so real! so honest! soooo good!), but I am liking this book so far, too, for different reasons. So, if you are looking for a few good reads, try out (1) For The Love and then maybe (2) The Best Yes. And then reward yourself by reading Carry On, Warrior. :)

  • For Christmas, Banks received Family Dinner Questions, and it is so fun to bust it out from time to time and prompt some really interesting and telling dinner conversation with the kids. We have dinner together as a family every single night, and I treasure this special part of our day. Throw in a game AT the dinner table? Score! 
  • Speaking of Christmas, I gave my hub a Big Green Egg for Christmas and shooooey, does it make yummy food! He has already used it multiple times since receiving it, and I know it will be our Spring/Summer staple for dinner meals as soon as the temps consistently warm. Any favorite BGE recipes out there? 
  • She rarely naps these days. And she is sneaky. She will try to briefly escape her room during nap rest time and steal away to the playroom to confiscate toys to bring in her room. She will push her little face up against the bottom of the year and yell out to me, asking if nap time is over. But no. Two hours--she must stay in her room for two hours and do as she sees fit, whether that be nap or play quietly. The other day, I went to tell her she could come out and found her like this. Sweet girl was just waiting patiently by her door for the okay to come out and just couldn't hang: 
  • I <3 Pure Barre. Have I mentioned that a time or two? I have been going regularly for the past year, although admittedly, my attendance dwindled to 2 to 3 times a week over the holiday months. But now, I'm ready to throw it into high gear in prep for warmer temps and bathing suit season. A couple weeks ago, I attended a Pure Barre intensive class, which was 90-minutes instead of the usual 60, and even more, well, intense than the usual classes (which is saying a lot). OhmydearLord. I may still be sore from the awesome lift-tone-burn session. Whew! 
  • My baby boy is FINALLY getting more of his bottom front teeth! He has been rocking two little bottom teeth for nearly a year, but now has two more coming in (and yet, funnily enough, he already has two of his molars with two more coming in). This kiddo just grows chompers at his own sweet pace. :)
  • I am a one sport/activity per kiddo, per season, kind of momma. Not only because I don't want my children nor myself to become overwhelmed with too many extracurriculiar activities, but also because I so value family time, especially at these impressionable young ages. But we will have an overlap of practices for a few weeks as winter basketball ends and spring flag football begins. And dance classes also march on. Whew! I am definitely thankful this will be a short-lived overlap.
  • Last weekend, my hub ran in an 18-mile race with F3. As if that wasn't hard enough, they had all kinds of crazy workout stops along the way (think TONS of push ups, sit-ups, burpees, etc.). My little trio surprised their daddy by making special posters and showing up along the race route. We were so, so proud of our guy!

 Leftovers consumed. Onward we go!

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