Friday, May 5, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Hello May Edition

Friday, we are so glad to see you yet again! As per usual for the spring, things have been nutso around here, with no signs of slowing down until school gets out...soon!!! Until then, we are taking things day by day and are certainly glad when the weekend arrives! Here are some things we are saying CHEERS to while welcoming in May (May?!? How did May arrive so quickly?!) :

Lots of baseball. Lots and lots of baseball. Several of Banks' games were rained out in previous weeks, which meant we had three games during the week this week, including one tonight, which concludes the regular season. Next up, playoffs!

Soccer and swim. Soccer also continues on for Raleigh and Harrison. They are off tomorrow and have just one more game after that before the season comes to a close. Just nuts! 

Last weekend, right after the soccer game, Raleigh had an individual swim lesson at the same rec center where she had played her game. Three cheers for convenience! Although I taught Raleigh to swim last summer, she never became confident at it. So, I am hoping she will gain some confidence in her independent swimming before pool season kicks off! 

End of year performances. Banks had his end-of-the-year school performance earlier this week. He was so cute, smiling so big when he spotted me in the audience (his dad was out of town that day) and smiling from ear-to-ear while singing. He had a little speaking part, which was really cute to see him on the mic. The performance concluded with the song "What a Wonderful World," which just so happens to be my wedding song. I may or may not have teared up hearing all those sweet voices singing our song. <3

Preschool field trips. Yesterday, I took Raleigh to her last preschool field trip (sniff, sniff) - a performance of Peter Pan at a local school. Harrison accompanied us on the field trip, and a good time was had by all. :) 

Tennis. Now that the temps are warmer (I am SUCH a wuss when it comes to cold weather), I have been hitting the courts again. I am currently playing my second season of T2 doubles and also subbed in for a neighborhood match last week. Last weekend, my hub and I went out for a little singles match (we each won six games :) ) and then we played my aunt and uncle (who live in our 'hood) in doubles the next day. It is just so fun and so addicting! 

Triple date night. My hub and I were also able to sneak away for a triple date night last Saturday night, with good company, good conversation, good food, and good friends. I'd call that a good night. :)

And that's it for now! My little trio and I will be hitting the road tomorrow for a day-trip to Charleston to celebrate a certain nephew's 1st birthday (we love you, Finn!). Throw in baseball tonight and post-game pizza, some church volunteering, a tennis match, and some Pure Barre, and I'd call that a full weekend! Until next time, friends. Have a good one!

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