Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Schoooolssss.... Out. For. Summer.!!!! Edition

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!! 

Today is the last (half!) day of school, which means at 11:00 am, Summer 2017 has officially begun! And we are starting it with a bang...but more on that next week! :) For now, here is what we are saying CHEERS to as we wrap up Banks' 1st grade year and dive head-first into summer: 

First grade success. Banks had a fantastic year in 1st grade, and I am so, so proud of how hard he has worked, how well-behaved and kind he has been, and much he has learned. We lucked out with an incredible teacher and are so thankful for the love she poured into her class. Teachers are SAINTS and we definitely had a great one! And look how much my sweet boy has grown over the school year. Sheesh! He'll be taller than me soon!

Gymnastics shows. Earlier this week, Raleigh closed out her year of twice weekly gymnastics at the Spring show. She and her adorable class, the Pod Squad, performed the most precious routine. And my girl did so great! Then, they performed various skills they have learned on floor and beam this year. I was one proud momma. Although she was asked to move up a level next year, she has decided that she wants to return to the dance studio. So, it's back to the barre we will go! It is so fun to continue to expose her to all sorts of activities and see where her interests are developing. Where she goes, I will follow...and cheer her on all along the way. Go Rals! 

T2 Tennis. Earlier this week, my doubles partner and I finished up our second season of T2. We had so much fun, played some awesome matches, and can both see how much we have learned and improved compared to our first season. In fact, we DOUBLED our wins...from 1 to 2 (details, details). ;) I was so proud of us and there is no one else I would rather play alongside than my girl, V. Bring on Season 3!!! 

Pool days. With the glorious weather we had last weekend, we were at the pool 2 of the 3 weekend nights...and loving it! Our neighborhood pool is where you will find us most days of the summer, and we kicked it off with a bang!

Birthday celebrations. There was lots of birthday celebrating around these parts over the last week - with Banks, Harrison, and my hub/I each attending birthday parties for our buddies. :) The kids may have had fun at their parties...but there is no WAY they had more fun than my hub and I did last Saturday celebrating our sweet friend's big 4-0. It was an awesome venue with yummy food and drinks and the dj was playing the best dance songs all night. We had a blast! Happy Birthday again, Alice!!!

(Pet) lives well lived. Yesterday was a tough day for our Bankster. His beloved pet, Peeve (#petPeeve), the leopard gecko he received for his birthday, suddenly became very sick and passed away. There were many tears and prayers and heart-felt talks, an emotional burial, and a life lesson that is never a lesson anyone wants to learn. It was a hard afternoon for Banks, but we know that pet Peeve is in a better place. <3

Now. On a happier note, it's time to load up and head out! I'll be back next week with details of our little getaway. Until then, I hope y'all have an awesome (long - Happy Memorial Day!) weekend. Be back soon! 

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