Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Momma's Mommas

I have two amazing mommas in my life. And today, I celebrate them: 

My mom. Our Bammy. My biggest supporter from the first breath I took. The momma who showed me what it means to be a momma-to sacrifice, love with every ounce of my being, work hard, rejoice in life's blessings, and always, ALWAYS love one another. And to do it with grace. My momma is the true definition of a momma. She is what I want to be when I grow up.

Did you know that my mom is Super Woman? She is, you know. Single-handedly raising four young children. Helping us live through life challenges only to come out on the other side stronger and very aware of how precious both life and family are. My mom is a warrior. And a super hero.

I will live my entire life trying to fill even a smidgen of her shoes. She is my best friend, she is my #1 fan, she is my momma. And she is our Bammy, who my little ones absolutely adore. I don't think Bammy has ever turned down an invitation to play, play, play, and play some more when her grandbabies are around. They are the luckiest children in the world. I am the luckiest girl in the world. 

My mother-"in-law." (We don't like that word. It feels too formal. She is, simply, Leah, my other momma. Our Nana). I hit the jackpot when I married my hub. Because not only did I vow to love and honor him on that beautiful June day we exchanged our vows, I also was lucky enough to inherit the rest of my family. The family I have been journey-ing through life toward, just waiting to meet. 

There is just no other Nana like our Nana. She adores her grandchildren like no other--always ready to pitch a baseball one minute and host a tea party the next. She will sit and read the same books, over and over, to my babies, because she knows how much they love them. 

But it's not just that. She is also my "other mother." One of my favorite things to do is talk with her, listen to her, confide in her, share with her. Her genuine, kind demeanor is one-of-a-kind, and I have no doubt that her loving, nurturing nature is what shaped my hub to be the kind of loving, involved daddy that he is. I am oh so very, very grateful for Leah. Not only will I always consider her a momma but also a close friend and confidant. 


To my momma and my momma-"in-law," HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Thank you for showing me what I aspire to be as a momma and for helping to shape my journey through motherhood along the way. I love you.

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