Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doe Bhahts!!

We closed out our first teeball season last weekend. 

It felt like such a right of passage, as a momma of a little boy, to end our first season. It seems like the first practice was just yesterday. But. Alas. The season has come and gone. 

Some of my favorite memories from our first teeball season: 

  • Seeing my little buddy in his teeball uniform for the first time

  • Watching an excited group of boys meet their head coach (my hub) for the first time 

  • Watching little athletes get distracted by dirt approximately every 5 seconds of each game

  • Seeing the entire team go darting after the ball every.single.time it was hit. Not just one player. Every single player. Running after the same ball. No matter where they were standing on the field. No matter which direction the ball was hit. I laughed every.single.time., too. 
  • And getting to see those same sweet little teeball players hanging on the bench in the dugout, ready for their turn at bat

  • Watching baby sister proudly cheering on her big brother, alongside her momma, yelling "Doe Bhats!" (toddler translation: "Gooooo Banks!") all throughout the games

  • Having all the grandparents as well as several other family members come to proudly and loudly cheer on our little buddy

  • Seeing the oh-so-excited reactions from little teeballers after they learned they would be receiving both ice cream AND trophies after their final game

  • Attempting to get eleven 3-year-old boys to smile at the camera at once

  • Watching a proud daddy hand his son his first teeball trophy. Just awesome.

Memories that are forever etched in my mind. It really was a great season seeing these little players learn to run the bases (in the right order!), hit balls off tees, catch and throw accurately, and just have fun together, as a team. 

And with that, I will proudly proclaim, one last time, GO EXPRESS!!!

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  1. This looks so much fun!
    I think Hailee would LOVE to do something like this - she is WAY active and like you said, the memories and pictures would be great.