Thursday, May 9, 2013

To My Hub, With Love

To the man who...

Told his best friend he was going to marry that girl who ran over his football with her car. Twice.

Cried when his children were born. 

Admires his own dad so very much and still regularly calls him for advice

Never hesitates to give his baby girl kisses

Plays golf with his son every chance he gets

Still sweeps me off my feet, day after day, after almost 11 years of being together

Readily adopts his role as the spiritual leader of our family

Works harder than anyone I have ever known in order to provide for his family

Is the true definition of a dedicated and loyal friend

Is teaching our son how to follow in his footsteps

Takes the time to play with and read books to his children, every single night he's in town, no matter how long or hard the work day

Feels moved to help others in the community

Comes up with fun ideas to do with his kids

Is always ready to dress up and fight bad guys

Never hesitates to cuddle with his baby girl

Befriends the husbands of my friends because he knows how important my girls are to me

Is so proud to be a daddy

Loves to tickle his babies just to hear them squeal and laugh with delight

Is a master of the grill

Made my (formerly unknown) dream of being a stay-at-home Momma come alive. 

Is always the life of the party

Is my favorite person on the planet. My one and only. OUR one and only.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Hub. We love you with all our hearts. 

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