Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memories of Edisto Past

We are headed to the beach next week for our annual Luton family beach vacation. 

We are very lucky in that my hub's uncle owns a house right on the beach in Edisto, where we travel each summer with my hub's parents, his sibs, their spouses, and their babies. This week is so special to me in large part because I know my children will have memories of the same beach house, at the same beach, playing with cousins, and spending time surrounded by love and laughter. And I'll have all of those same memories, too.

So. Of course, as any week goes before anyone takes a vacation, things are a little crazy around these parts this week as we prepare for our trip. Nonetheless, I thought one more post, looking back over the last few beach trips to Edisto, would be a fun send off!

So. Here we go! Back to Edisto:

Edisto 2010: Banks was just a young fella, at the ripe ol' age of 8 months old, the first time we took him to Edisto. Just looking through all of the old photos makes me feel so happy and sad at the same time: It is just so hard to believe he was once this little! But that was such a special trip, one I'll treasure forever.

Blue-eyed boy, excited for the beach!

Nana/Cousin playtime indoors

Checking out the ocean views with cousin Brantley, who turned 1 about two weeks after this trip

Who doesn't love a good beach nap?!

My boy and me 

This face. This pose. I die. 

Edisto 2011: Banks was just two months shy of turning 2 when we went to Edisto the following summer. It was so, so fun to watch him run up and down the beach, chasing seagulls and playing with his cousins. And the blonde curls. Oh, how I loved those blonde curls!!

Beach bum.

Snuggles for Cousin Maddie.

Baseball with Cousin Chandler during a break from the beach.

My handsome boys.

There is very little I enjoy more than being surrounded by little ones. 

The three amigos: Cousins Maddie and Brantley with Banks.

Edisto 2012: Raleigh's first trip to Edisto! Our sweet baby girl joined us for her first trip to the beach last year, when she was just 5 months old. In typical Raleigh fashion, she was a laid back beach babe, clearly enjoying her vacation and fun in the sun. And Banks loved the beach more than ever before, building sand castles, jumping waves, hitting golf balls down the beach, and soaking up family time. 

Naps with Daddy: An almost daily occurrence last year. 

Three amigos, back at it again.

My sweet baby girl, relaxing on the beach.

The big kids, patiently waiting for the porch pool to fill.

Pop is always a trooper, letting the littles bury him in the sand.

My precious, then almost-3-year-old, whose hair is now curl-less and the EXACT same shade as his Daddy's.

Our Nana, with her three little chickadees.

My bald beauty (and me)

Our family of four, Edisto 2012. 

You've got big shoes to fill, 2013, but we're ready for you!!

In true vacation fashion, I fully intend to take the next week or so off from blogging but will be back soon with vacation-overload photos, stories, and more. 

Cheers to summer, cheers to vacation, cheers to Edisto! 


  1. Love the pics of the three "big kids!" And you'll be seeing a lot of those same outfits from Banks' first trip this year on Ben! :)

  2. Love this! Can't wait for pics from this year's trip!! :)