Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I've had some scattered thoughts going on lately. So. I thought it'd be best to just throw them all out there.

1. Girlfriends. Nothing like 'em. For me, they are key to sane functioning and help make my world go 'round. I have been so blessed to have found some amazing new girlfriends since moving to the Mill eight months ago (Wait...wha? It's been eight months? Sheesh! And yet, not one room in my house is fully decorated. Anywho. I digress.). And then, Friday night happened. Friday night was the culmination of a text I received from my awesome friend, Jenna, a couple days before, calling for a last minute Girls Night Out. But there was one catch: there would be a man there....Tim McGraw. The night turned into one of my favorite nights ever. A car service with three of my favorite new Fort Mill friends (so sweetly arranged in secret by our conspiring hubs), complete with personalized cups and champagne. A private meet and greet with our new buddy, ol' Timmy McGraw, which was immediately followed by a private concert. And then, amazing box seats. Drinks were flowing. Music was playing. Dance moves were rockin'. The company could not be beat. Yes, I love me some special girlfriend time. Tim McGraw was just an added bonus this go-round. 

He was SOOO skinny and SOOO tan. But Lawd, that man can sing like nobody's business.

The private show before the show. We were just a little excited. 

2. Tonight, at dinner, Banks told me that he loved Raleigh more than me. Can I tell you how this made me feel? Honestly? Happy and so, so proud. From the day we found out we were pregnant with Baby #2, it was always my goal to make sure that both of my babies were loved with absolutely every ounce of my being. Neither more than the other, ever. I worried that our second baby would inevitably take away some of the attention our first-born had grown accustomed to. So ever since Raleigh joined our family 16 months ago, I try, try, try, every single day, to make them both feel equally loved. To spend one-on-one time with each of them, even if just for a few minutes, every single day. And by hearing Banks say that he loved his sister best, my first thought was...mission accomplished! I don't think he has ever felt threatened by his baby's sister's presence. On the contrary. I think he is so happy to have a built in best friend, who he adores, and it brings such comfort knowing that she is so important in his life. I hope that he will ALWAYS see his sister as his #1 girl...well...until he gets married. And then, still, see her as being a very close second. 

3. Momma. And sistas. I just don't know what I'd do without 'em. My life is my family. My family is my life. And last weekend, I was able to capitalize on some Momma and Sistas-from-the-Same-Motha time: Pedicures. Bridal dress (re) try-on by my beautiful baby sister. Lunch. Coffee. Shopping. Happy Hour with bevs and apps. Pizza. Junk food. Beer. Talking, talking, talking. It was so special. A weekend none of us will forget. A Momma and her baby girls. Priceless. 

4. Sometimes, I am an idiot. As of today, we have lived in our Fort Mill home for eight months. I have been a stay-at-home momma for a little over eight months. I have a traveling hub. I need to shower. So. For the last eight months, I have had my little ones play in the master bathroom while I shower, each night my hub is traveling out of town. Last night, my hub asked why I never just shower in the bathroom that is ADJOINING to the playroom (and thus, with a clear view of it) and let the kids play in the playroom, with all of their toys, rather than lug a few toys into the master bathroom each night to keep them occupied. Ummmm...I have no idea. I am not always the brightest star in the sky. But. I am happy to report, I did just that for the first time tonight. And it worked beautifully. Duh. 

5. Homemade recipes. Say wha?!? Y'all. I KNOW. I cannot believe I am typing this, but for dinner the other night, I took a recipe I found on Pinterest and actually MODIFIED it. And didn't burn it. And my hub went back for seconds. And Raleigh ate her weight in quinoa. And Banks gobbled up the edamame. It was amazing. It will, very likely, never happen again. So. Please. Let me bask in this accomplishment for a moment.......................Okay. Thank you. And now, for those who requested, here is the recipe. Oh, and I call it Power Punch Protein Platter (because it is quite healthy and chock full of protein...did I mention we are headed to the beach in less than a month?!!):
  • Step 1. Cook quinoa. I am too lazy to explain how to do that. This website offers great directions for delicious quinoa. I usually like to cook it in (organic) chicken broth but I didn't have any; so, I used water and it still turned out delish. Oh, and I used 1.5 cups quinoa (with 3 cups of water and a drizzle of olive oil) because that is how much I had left in my pantry. It made the perfect amount for a healthy serving for all family members, as well as SECONDS (!!) for some, and, still, enough for leftovers. 
  • Step 2. While the quinoa is boiling, sauté 1 pound of (organic, if you so choose) chicken breasts
  • Step 3. While the quinoa is boiling and the chicken is sautéing, drain and heat cans of (organic, if you so choose) corn and stewed tomatoes. More experienced chefs may elect to do that on the stove. I am not said chef. Therefore, I did not heat them on the stove. I mean, hello! That's why we have a microwave, right? Oh, and also, go ahead and steam a bag of edamame in the microwave, too. I used a 10-ounce bag, but a bigger bag would be good, too. I would do the edamame first because, if you're like me and don't buy pre-shelled edamame (do they even make that?), you'll need to quickly de-shell (is that even a word?) the edamame after it's been steamed. 
  • Step 4. While all of the above is going on, mix the following in a separate bowl: 2 tablespoons olive oil, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper. 
  • Step 5. By this point, the chicken breasts should be cooked. The quinoa should also be done, the veggies/edamame heated up, and the drizzling sauce made. Combine all but the sauce in a large bowl. If you don't have kids, go ahead and drizzle that tasty sauce all over. If you do have kids, I would recommend reserving the sauce and drizzling it only on the servings of those who like a tiny little "kick" to their palate (it's not super spicy, but I don't know that tiny tummies will handle it well). 
  • Step 6. Bon appetit! 
Power Punch Protein Platter

6. I am loving, LOVING, online sales via my new favorite email/deal websites. Namely, Very Jane, GroopDealz, and Sassy Steals. They have GREAT deals, and I have been taking full advantage lately to score some fun new jewelry for this Momma (I am absolutely obsessed with statement necklaces), some trendy clothes for my little lady (Little lace shorts? Yes please. Tiny toddler chevron maxi skirt? Don't mind if I do), and a couple new home decor items (did I mention not a single room in my home is completely decorated yet? Sheesh.). Highly recommend all of those websites for really, really great deals! 

7. Spring seems to have finally found its way to the South again. Let's hope she sticks around this time. I don't think I can take any more chilly and rainy weather. 

Plants! That are alive! Let's hope our green-ish thumbs can keep them that way.

Alright, I think that's enough randomness for this week. I'll be back soon with something a little less random and a little more sentimental. 

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