Monday, July 29, 2013

Swim in the Sad

Sometimes you need to swim in the sad,
To let hope diminish when things feel too bad.

Sometimes you need to drown in your tears
Let them fall freely and hold tight your fears.

Sometimes the weight of the world is too much,
The storm rains upon any traces of luck.

Sometimes the blue has all faded to grey,
The promise of happy's just too far away.

Sometimes the hurt stabs straight to your heart,
This life isn't fair.The world falls apart.


Always know this, when your world is too dark,
I'll weather your storm, I'll hold tight your heart. 

When the darkness, the heavy, the tears just won't end.
Shower your desparation on me, my dear friend. 

I'll hold you afloat as you drift in the sad,
Be your shield as you pelt the world with your mad.

I'll offer a light when yours just won't shine;
And when your heart breaks, gladly give you mine.

I'll offer my faith as a safe place to hide,
Until sadness and hurt and mad all subside.

So, swim in the sadness, but also please know, 
One day, your own light will once again glow.

Until then, sweet friend, I will keep you afloat,
And offer my strength and my prayers and my hope.