Friday, September 13, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: On The Road Again

Top o' the mornin' to you, friends! Linking up with Rags to Stitches again for our weekly coffee date. I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit. My coffee always tastes much better with company. 

Should we meet up for banter and bevs today, I would say:

First and foremost, how are YOU? I hope that life is treating you well these days. I would sit quietly and enjoy my time with you, between sips of iced coffee.

I would then share with you...

...That my heart has been heavy with hard news lately. None of which is my business to share with even you, my friend, as it is not my own news to share. But. I just don't understand the way the world works sometimes. It is times like these that I cling to my faith and pray with open arms and open heart. I hope you will do the same for those in your life and mine. Life is just really HARD sometimes. It's just HARD. And I don't understand why.

...On a happier note, that I have been busy, busy, busy helping to get the final details in order for my baby sister's couples shower this weekend. We are headed to my parents house for the par-tay and are expecting a LARGE turn-out; so, I anticipate a very fun weekend celebrating two people who are very much in love. And there is very little I love more than celebrating others' special days; so, this weekend will be a real treat. Add on to that spending time with family, and I am one happy Momma.

...That we had some custom (burlap!) curtains installed yesterday! What do you think? I love them. :)

...That I am ready to welcome Fall with open arms and new boots, but it looks like these Summer temps plan to stick around awhile. 

...That, given all of the shower/birthday/wedding/celebration craziness that has, and will continue to, decorate my life the last few/upcoming months, my children's book has sadly been placed on the backburner. I am SO close to having all the images I need. I'm thinking one more plea for the final images is in order so I can get this thing to press!! 

...That I am ready for all the new shows to begin this month. Especially HOMELAND!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you don't watch it, you MUST!! Trust me! It is gooooood.

...That my little lady's poop situation seems to have improved since undergoing a two-week bout with probiotics. Just when I was prepared to take a stool sample, things took a turn for the better. Here's hoping it stays that way! And sorry for the TMI. I am just happy I am no longer drowning in poop. What? Still TMI? My bad. 

...That after crazy, conflicting summer schedules, our playgroup has our regular, weekly schedule up and running. And there are now three new additions to our group, all beautiful baby boys. I'm excited to be able to watch this next generation of our playgroup bond and grow together. 

I would then give you a big, warm Southern hug as we parted ways and wish you the best as we began our weekend adventures. Y'all come back now, ya hear? 


  1. Very nice job with the curtains!
    Um, is Homeland on Netflix??
    If so, I just may need to find it.

    1. Hi. :)

      Thank you! Although I can't take any credit. I didn't make or install them. :)
      I think Homeland IS on Netflix. Look it up! You won't regret it!