Monday, September 16, 2013

Currently...Yet Again...

Following up on the first and second time I wrote using this prompt since it's been awhile. 

Currently, I am:

Loving...having some solo time with my Raleigh three half-days a week. It's really been fun to break out the girly toys, play dress-up, and attend our weekly gymnastics class together. Like I tell her every single night, she's my best pal. usual blogs in regular rotation. Sigh. I need a new book to read. Actually, LIFE is telling me that I think it's about time I pick another Andy Stanley edition...

Waiting for...things to sloooooow down a little. With all these showers and parties and football games and house updates and social gatherings and, well, LIFE, things just feel busy all the time. Not that I'm complaining--these are all fun things to be occupied by--but man! I will be excited when we have a free weekend to do absolutely nothing, whenever that time may come. :)

Excited much fun we had over this last weekend at my sister's couples shower. We went with a Southern theme, incorporating a lot of burlap and lace and twine and mason jars and sunflowers. There was a great turn out, the food was delicious, and the bride and groom looked beautiful. All in all, a Southern success!

Trying to...not apologize for my feelings anymore. I think everyone is entitled to their own feelings. I am also trying to think more about the way I express what I'm thinking. Because while I certainly feel strongly that everyone is entitled to their own feelings, and everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, the delivery of one's own opinion can be a powerful tool--one that can both hurt and help relationships. And just because I have an opinion does not make it fact or truth. It makes it my opinion. My perspective. I am trying to remind myself of this frequently. And honestly? Wishing others would as well. 

Working on...not losing my patience with a certain lil' toddler who loves pushing both limits and her big brother's buttons. Keep Calm and Momma On. 

Enjoying...the fact that I'll get to spend time with my in-laws this weekend in order to celebrate one of my nephew's first birthdays. I've said it before and I'll say it again, family time makes my heart soar. So. I'll be flying high this weekend. 

Using...My "Bert Show" app every morning when I am up before the rest of my household,  getting ready for the day. The "Bert Show" is this awesome morning radio show I used to listen to religiously when getting ready for, and driving to, work when we lived in Atlanta. Now, they have an app allowing me to listen both live and to segments On Demand. Call me a nerd. But, I love me some "Bert Show." stackable rings, every single day, as a reminder of what is most important to me. Each has its own special meaning, and I love simply looking down to see those reminders. little buddy's upcoming birthday and party! Less than two weeks 'til we celebrate the big 0-4. His party invitations went out a few weeks ago, and I've been picking up little things for the party here and there. And boy, have we got a surprise for our car-loving buddy on his actual birthday. His mind will be blown. :)

Singing...nap and bedtime duets with my babies to our songs. Nothing sweeter than hearing their precious voices singing alongside mine. find a good daily devotional app. Open to any and all suggestions!

Learning...that life doesn't always follow the rules. So. Why should I?

Listening to...the calming ebb and flow of the crashing waves...on my daughter's nap time sound machine. Hey-a girl can dream, right?

Wishing...for good things to happen for good people. 

Doing...some soul-searching. Trying to change the bad and foster the good. It's a day-to-day battle. But. I am a warrior. 

Dreaming of...changing leaves, fireside s'mores, warm coffee on a cool porch, pumpkin-picking and homemade apple-pie-making. Autumn.


  1. I love these devotional pages:

    1. Thank you so much, Misty! Adding them to my daily reads. :)