Monday, September 2, 2013

Fill 'Er Up

A few things that are good for my soul. Things that fill my cup up to the brim:

The end of the day, when I get to veg out on the couch next to my handsome better half. 

The shade of a summer hat on a hot day.

Spending so much time with (most of) my bffs lately.

Seeing my hub spend time with some of his favorite guy friends (who just so happen to be my girlfriends' hubbies).

Witnessing just how much my little duo love each other.

Having random girls' nights in the middle of the week. Sometimes, Mommas need a break.

Watching the pure awe and wonder that washes over little faces about things we grown-ups tend to dismiss as mundane. 

Family. Sisters.

College football season. Especially when we win.

Beach memories. And anticipation of future beach trips. 

Seeing how well-loved my babies are. 

Early morning exercise. Especially with these views. 

Spending my days with these two. 

And I'm drinking it all in, one beautiful sip at a time.

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