Sunday, September 8, 2013

Year One As Fort Millians

One year ago yesterday, we moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Fort Mill, South Carolina, to begin a new life in a new house in a new neighborhood in a new town in a new state. And I started my new job as a stay-at-home Momma. 

I cannot believe it has been a year! It has been a year of trying to figure out how to be the best stay-at-home Momma I can be. I have learned the areas where I think I am doing well in this role (focusing my time on my babies and giving them opportunities to learn and have fun in creative, educational, and social ways) as well as areas where I could use some improvement (no surprise here: I get an F- in cooking). 

Also, during our year we have: 
  • Made new friends, of all ages, and had a lot of fun creating wonderful memories with them

  • Joined, and started volunteering in the children's nursery in, a new church
  • Participated in lots of fun neighborhood events, including holiday activities, pool parties, children's activities, and, of course, Bunco!

  • Joined a softball team (my hub) and a co-ed kickball team (both my hub and me)

  • Cheered Banks on as he played his first seasons of soccer and teeball and tackled swim lessons, too!

  • Watched Raleigh shine as she began her first organized activity: gymnastics!

  • Explored lots of fun children's activities and events around the Charlotte area as part of our weekly playgroup

  • Started new school years...twice!

  • Taken advantage of all our neighborhood has to offer, including spending time on the golf course, tennis courts, pool, playground, and local farm market

  • Made awesome family memories around our kiddos' quiet little hometown

  • And, most importantly to us, had so many wonderful visits from so many members of our family

I'm not sure how we're going to top our first year here in Fort Mill. But. We sure will do our best to continue the fun-seeking and memory-making! And with that, Year One is officially in the books. 

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