Sunday, August 24, 2014

Banksisms and Raleigh's Ramblings, Part 15

Yep. I'm back yet again with my own personal version of "Kids Say the Darndest Things." Ready for a giggle? Me too!

Banks: "Do some grown-ups like to play with toys?"
Momma: "Well, yeah, grown-up versions of toys."
Banks: "Grown-up virgins?"
Some would argue...yes.

(When my kids forget to say "please," I'll make the /p/ sound, as in /puh/ to remind them)...
Raleigh: "Can I have a vitamin?"
Momma: "Puh, puh, puh..."
Raleigh: "Puh, puh, puh, vitamin."
I think she missed the puh, puh, puh, point.

Raleigh: "I see your hiney; So nice and shiny; And it wiggles; So nice and piggles."
Not quite how it's supposed to go. But. I like her version better. ;)

We use the actual anatomical words when describing our private parts. None of this "Hoo-Hah"-type nonsense in the Lu home. Yet, while Banks and Raleigh use the word "penis" correctly, they refer to lady parts as a "puh-gina."
Banks also refers to "nipples" as "knuckles." #lostintranslation

(When hearing an announcement come over the loud speaker while out shopping): 
Raleigh: "The sky is talking, Mom!"
Too cute, Rals. <3

Banks: "Do you know what the Gamecocks did?"
Momma: "What?"
Banks: "They pushed a little girl down."
Momma: "They did not!"
Banks: "Yes they did! That's what my Dad told me!"

Momma: "...And when Harrison is older, it'll be so fun for the three of you to play together all the time!"
Banks: "Well, we won't be able to play together ALL the time. One day, we'll die."
[Shocked stare and speechlessness from Momma...]

For whatever reason, Banks and Raleigh are obsessed with the commercials for this local HVAC company, Morris & Jenkins. Well, you'd have thought a celebrity came to our home the day our AC broke and we called them to come out for a consult. Banks and Raleigh were ecstatic and called the confused HVAC repairman "Mr. Jenkins" the whole time he was there while following him around our house with star-gazed expressions. 
Apparently in the Mill, being an HVAC specialist is as celebrity as they come. 

Daddy: "Banks, do you think I'm a good dad?"
Banks: "Yes."
Daddy: "Is there anything I can do differently that would make me a better dad?"
Banks: "When you make pancakes, you could flip them in the air and try catching them."
The secret to great parenting, straight from the mouth of a pre-schooler. :) 

Banks: "Mom, sometimes I don't like you BUT I love you more times than I don't like you.

Banks wants to be a grown-up so badly and likes to try to use grown-up phrases. But. Often, he does so incorrectly:
Momma: "Thanks for doing that, Banks."
Banks: "Any problem."
A mix of "No problem" and "Anytime", perhaps?

And then there was...
Raleigh: "Thank you, Banks!"
Banks: "You're welcome! What could I do without you?"
It's "would," little buddy. ;)

Keep 'em coming, kiddos...

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  1. Hahaha!!! You're gonna be so glad you have these all recorded when they're older. I did this more when Hailee started talking but need to get back to it again.
    I love it!!