Friday, August 15, 2014

Five On Friday: Hallelujah I'm Healthy! Edition

Y'all. Y'all, y'all, y'all. I could NOT be happier to say that, praise the good Lord and Baby Jesus and Heaven above, I am FINALLY healthy. 

Wait. Hold up. Let me back track for a moment. 

It's Friday! Yippee! Five on Friday. Here we go:

As I was saying...AMEN!!!! I am a healthy momma. As I mentioned in my last post, I caught the worst virus I have ever had in my entire life, some sort of satanic pink eye horrible-ness, last week. It lasted a FULL seven days. It was absolutely terrible. By Sunday, I was finally feeling better, even though I still looked a mess. In fact, I'm pretty sure our fellow Forest Hill church-goers probably through they should throw the sign of the cross our way when my hub and I walked into the service with our beet-red devil eyes. But. I promise we weren't contagious. But still? Very scary looking.

But maybe my sweet kiddos distracted from my crazy, red, swollen eyes? Maybe?

Anywho, I was feeling well enough to dominate the brand spanking new Charlotte outlets, which just so happen to be 20 minutes from my home and wrought with awesome sales, after church on Sunday. I talked happily to one of my Be Fri's on the way home (hi Jules!), and then, within a couple hours... Y'all. I started getting the pain. You mommas know. The one that feels like a deep tissue bruise that is constantly being punched by a heavy weight champion. "Crap," I thought. "A blocked milk duct," I thought. I thought wrong. Because within an hour, I had a 103 temperature and chills. And mind you, this was Sunday evening, as in, the night before my hub would be leaving at 6:00 am and not returning until Wednesday evening. I absolutely lost it. Lost. It. I was tired of being sick. And I was feeling absolutely awful. And I didn't know how I would manage being that sick with my three littles all on my own.

I finally came to my senses and called my OB/GYN's on-call nurse, who immediately called in the antibiotic prescription to a 24-hour pharmacy. My sweet, sweet hub then not only drove late-night to pick it up, but offered to skip his huge meeting he had the next day to take care of our babies. I insisted he go and told him the kids and I would manage. I'd heard the antibiotic would kick in quickly and would work wonders fast. Boy, did it ever! By the next morning, my fever was completely gone, as were the chills. There was still the pain, but it was manageable. And then I opened the 'fridge to discover this:

My hub is the best. And so are my thoughtful neighbors (thank you, Emily!), who texted to say that a homemade meal would be dropped of on my porch (within an hour of her finding out I was sick). #lovemyhood #lovemypeeps And by Tuesday, I was feeling like a whole new-and-improved Momma. Thank you, Lord! I will no longer take my health for granted. 

Okay. I know I mentioned this last week that Raleigh had taken it upon herself to start using the potty, but now I feel confident in saying that my girl is completely potty trained for day. Umm...what? Again, I had no intention of this happening at this point in time. But she decided on her own, with absolutely no input or help from this Momma, to be rid of diapers. Wowzers. That just cut my amazon moms bill in half! Thanks, Rals!

This boy. Oh my word. I know I say it every week. But my baby boy just absolutely melts me. 

Also, an update on his health situation. His Prevacid ran out last week and, per the GI specialist's recommendation, we didn't refill it right away so I could observe how he responded to not being on it. Well, although he didn't appear to be in near the amount of pain he did as a newborn, he definitely seemed more uncomfortable than he had in weeks prior. So. I called our pediatrican and requested a refill of it. To me, it's just not worth it for him to not be on meds but be in pain. So. We'll try to go off it again in a month or two. For now, I am enjoying the belly laughs he's been giving me this week and over-abundance of smiles. Oh my heart. 

I was able to sneak in some fun girl time, sans kiddos, this week, including my monthly fave, Bunco! Unfortunately, on my way there last night, I received some very sad news; so, please keep my family in your prayers...

Hip, hip, hooray! My beautiful niece and her awesome parents, my brother and my sister "in law," are headed to the Mill this weekend for lots o' fun in the sun. I CANNOT WAIT to see them, to hit the pool, to snuggle my niece, to sip some vino.

So, here's to health, well-being, and the weekend! See you next week!

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