Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If I'm Being Honest...

...I still have Christmas decorations up. Yes. Yes, I do. 

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

At this point in the calendar year, I figure we are closer to Christmas than away from it. So. Up they stay. 

...working in a hospital as a woman does NOT mean you are a nurse. It drives me nuts when people jump to that conclusion when I tell them I formerly worked in a pediatric hospital. Don't get me wrong. Nurses make the healthcare world go 'round. But. Not every woman in healthcare is a nurse.

...I hold back on introducing new things to Harrison because he's my last baby. Example: He is now old enough to start solids. I have no desire to do this. He's still my baby! I don't want him to be old enough for solids yet! 

...my kids have a MUCH better wardrobe than me. I feel more comfortable styling them than myself. Same goes for our home: all three kids' rooms, plus the playroom, are done. Master suite? Dining room? Nope. What does that say about me?! 

...there are been VERY few nights I have not had a glass of wine (or, usually, two) since I got off my postpartum pain meds. 

...I cannot STAND clutter and mess in my home. Drives me nuts. I pick up around the house and vacuum the kitchen area multiple times per day (see previous posts on my un-diagnosed but likely present OCPD diagnosis) ;) 

...I love Teen Mom. And 16 and Pregnant. My hub wonders if I'll ever stop watching MTV. Not likely. 

...I wish I cared about cooking. I really do! But I just...don't. 

...In contrast, I have big plans for trying out lots of yummy, new cupcake recipes this Fall. I <3 Baking. Why can't we just eat cupcakes for dinner all the time? I won't tell if you won't. 

...My tummy is so pale from wearing a one-piece swimsuit this summer. I'm not used to that! So, sometimes I put a little self-tanner on my stomach, even though I'm the only one that will ever really see the bronzed skin. 

...my hair is shedding like CRAZY thanks to post-baby hormones. If you see me over the next several months, my hair will likely be pulled back so I am not constantly covered in loose strands. And should you see it down, please ignore any sideburns, stray flyaways, or thinning spots that may emerge. 

...I sort of feel like the last kid chosen for kickball. #ALSicebucketchallengereject And did I mention my CHILD has been nominated THREE times?! I have been nominated ZERO. At least we donated through him (and my hub, who was ALSO nominated). And no, this is not an invitation to nominate me. I'll stay warm and dry and donate my funds, thankyouverymuch.

...I have yet to take all three kiddos grocery shopping thanks to our Harris Teeter's online shopping option, and I don't plan to anytime soon.

And there you have it. Honesty at it's best. ;)

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  1. Ha! I was nominated for the ice bucket deal about two weeks ago and just haven't done it yet! But I had already decided who I was nominating, and lucky girl! You were/are one of my choices! So don't see it as being chosen last! You just haven't had your game yet! :)