Wednesday, September 17, 2014

By The Numbers...Again...

...98...days until Christmas. That stresses me out. I have (small) lists started for Banks and Raleigh so far. Nothing for Harrison. Nothing. What in the world does the third-born child, and second boy, possibly need? I better start brainstorming.

...36...years my big brother turns today. As a child, he was quickly thrust into a role of responsibility when our dad unexpectedly passed away. I don't know where our family would be without him, and I am so lucky to have him. Love you, Dame!

...24...hours a day that I am thankful that my little family of five is complete since the arrival of our sweet Harrison 4.5 months ago. He just lights up our lives! Just having him here with us brings me to tears on a regular basis. I am just so very happy to have him in my life.

...17...days until I reunite with my college bff's and their hubbies for a Clemson game/weekend away. Woot! And then...just 3.5 months until we will be welcoming the new year together with all of our littles in tow. Yahoo!

...14...amazing ladies and fellas I am so happy and blessed to know through our LifeGroup. Just a couple more weeks 'til we resume our bi-monthly Bible study after a short summer hiatus. Can't wait to see them and their adorable kiddos regularly again! 

...12...days until my first-born turns 5. Wait...what?! No really. What?! 

...10...years of marriage my hub and I will finally officially celebrate during a weekend away, just the two of us (despite the actual milestone occurring several months ago), next month. We had to delay our getaway due to having a newborn at the time of our anniversary but are so excited to celebrate 10 years of a solid marriage together in just a few short weeks.

...12...hours Harrison is sleeping at night after a couple rough nights of helping him cry it out last week. It nearly broke my heart, but I am so grateful to have the strong and supportive hub that I do who was willing to talk me down at 4:00 am a couple nights in a row. The payoff has been great for our whole family!

...8...days until something wild and awesome happens for my littlest buddy. Stay tuned...

...5...number of Pumpkin Spice Lattes I've had over the last week. Helloooo Fall! Helloooo Starbucks!

...4...days until the next Clemson game. It's Clemson vs. FSU. At FSU. It's a big one. Go Tigers!

...3...days since I last attended Hip Hop Cardio with one of my Mill besties. It is the BEST stress reliever and such a great workout. Pump, pump, pump it up, right, Jenna?!

...2...months until my sister, Jessie, is due with the 4th and final cousin of the 2014 year. Boy or girl? What will she have? I have a very strong boy feeling (I hope so! My boys are outnumbered by all the girl cousins on "my" side of the family!), but I can also picture her having two little girls. So...who knows. I can't wait!

...0...number of potty accidents Raleigh had had over the few weeks! Can I say she's officially potty trained (all by herself) without jinxing it? Seriously. I am so proud of this beautiful, smart, head-strong, sweet little girl. Rock on, Rals.

Hope you're rockin' some awesome numbers, too, these days! 

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