Friday, September 5, 2014

Five On Friday: Why, Hello September! Edition

Woot! It's Friday again. Crazy how that happens every seven days. ;) And so, it's Five On Friday time 'roud these parts. Here we go:


We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend, which included a playdate for my big guy, football watchin' with great friends, church, yard work, a Daddy date for my little lady, a Momma and Daddy date alone, a fun pool party, and grilled cuisine. Whew! What an awesome end to a fantastic summer.


Banks started school on Wednesday. Although I am sad he now goes five days a week :( , I guess it's a good intro to what our week will look like when he starts kindergarten next year. Plus, it's only 3 hours a day, so at least I get lots of fun afternoon time with my big guy. And speaking of big, I think my Banks grew about 6 inches this summer. Yeesh! Look at this strapping, young lad:

Raleigh started school on Thursday, her first time ever attending preschool. Although she went to a "child development center" for the first six months of her life when I was a full-time working momma, I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember it. ;) So. This is a whole new world for my Rals. I was worried about how she would do after seeing how hesitant and nervous she was at Open House a couple weeks ago. So. We talked a lot about what it would be like this morning, what to expect, how things would go. We prayed to God last night that she would be brave and have fun at school. And then? I crossed my fingers. And held my breath. We took Banks to his class, first, to give Raleigh a couple minutes to warm up. Then, she held my hand as I walked her into her classroom. She lit up when she saw her teachers, handing them the treats we had made for them. She then helped hang her bookbag up, gave me a quick hug and kiss, and made a beeline for the dollhouse ready and waiting for her. And that was it! Not one tear! And still all smiles when I picked her up. I was so, so proud of my girl as well as her big brother, who was extremely comforting and helpful in making sure his little sister felt ready for school. So. We celebrated with ice cream for lunch as soon as I picked them up. Let's hope next week goes as well when carpool drop-off begins!

Raleigh's sweet dress is by Adelaide's Boutique. Look them up on Facebook! 

Harrison got his first dose of one-on-one Momma time this week. Although I miss my older two when they are at school, I sure do love the special snuggles and play time I get with my little cubby. Not to mention, errands are a lot quicker and less stressful with just one little one along for the ride. 

We have big plans for this weekend, including a grill-out with some friends at our home tonight, a full day of football watchin' tomorrow, and a day-trip to Aiken on Sunday to celebrate my adorable niece's 5th birthday, Frozen-style. I can promise you that my Frozen-lovin' Rals will be PUMPED about the party theme. :) 

I hope you have a great weekend, too. I also hope my Tigers can pull out a victory tomorrow after a great start but poor finish against the Dawgs last week. :/ Go Tigers! And go weekend!

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