Friday, September 26, 2014

Five On Friday: Welcome, Fall! Edition


Once again, this has been a jam-packed week so I am so very happy to see Friday again. So. Here's my Friday Five:

I am so uber-super-duper proud of my Raleigh Jane. As I mentioned in a recent post, she started off strong when first going to preschool but has struggled the last couple weeks, becoming quite tearful (read: sob-filled) during drop-offs and for the first portion of the school day. But not this week. No siree Bob. She rocked it this week. Maybe it's because her Daddy helped with drop-offs. Maybe it's because she had a brand new Elsa doll hidden in her bookbag. Whatever it was? It made all the difference. I'm so proud of my girl for being brave even when she felt scared. 

So....this is a little crazy...but my littlest fella worked as a Buy Buy Baby model earlier this week! It all started when a friend of a friend, who models for a Charlotte-area modeling agency, sent out information that Buy Buy Baby was looking for models for an upcoming shoot. Well, my friend sent me the information, and at her recommendation, I submitted a few photos of Harrison to the agency. Well, lo and behold, Buy Buy Baby selected him! So, he and I traveled to High Point, North Carolina, one morning for the shoot, and he did GREAT!!! He slept the whole way there, and then I nursed him as soon as we arrived; so, he was full, rested, and happy as could be. He delivered smile after smile and giggle after giggle and just did such an awesome job. It'll be a few weeks before we find out if they end up selecting his photos (he modeled a diaper changing pad), but even if they don't, it made for a fun morning with my littlest guy! The photographer was so nice and sent me a few of his favorite shots. Although I'm not sure I'm allowed to share them publically, I can share a few he snapped of Harrison and me after the shoot was over. :) 

Oh, and side note: Later that day, I got my hair into the Fall spirit, with a glorious 2.5-hour solo trip to the salon. Good-bye Summer highlights (above). Hello Fall lowlights (below)!

And yes, I realized I look pissed. This was a I'm-tired-but-yes-sister-Jess-I'll-send-you-my-new-hair selfie.
[THREE].Anywho. Speaking of Harrision, my baby turned 5 months old yesterday. Noooo!!! Say it ain't so!!!! I just can't believe it. But y'all. As if it's possible, he steals more and more of my heart every day. My hub and I always say, "He's just happy to be here." As long as he's not sitting in the carpool line or restrained for too long in his carseat (this kiddo is a mover and a shaker! Loves to be moving!), he is just as happy as can be. 

Although I don't have official height/weight numbers since he won't go back to the pediatrician until next month, he is definitely outgrowing his clothes at lightening speed! He is also a good nurser and started solids over the last month, too, which he is rocking! Aside from prunes, he has loved every fruit and veggies we've offered (and seriously--who really enjoys prunes?!). Currently, he usually takes 3-4 naps per day: one/two cat-naps in the morning, a 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoon, and a short cat nap before bedtime. He is in bed asleep at 8:00 pm every night after one last nursing session and then is up for the day 10 to 12 hours later. A little more on our little guy:

Yes, I realize it's still September. But. Halloween is right around the corner. One of the ways I help myself minimize my own stress is by trying to do things well in advance. It started in college, continued through grad school, and now dictates how I organize myself in adulthood. All that to say, my kiddos' Halloween costumes are ready already and hanging in their closets. I cannot WAIT to dress them up in their costumes! I've said many a time before, my favorite social media day is Halloween because there is just nothing cuter than kids in costumes. Just over a month to go...

Well, originally, we had big plans to take all three kiddos to the Clemson game tomorrow. But. Then, the game time was announced...7:00 pm (seriously?! A 1-2 Clemson team versus UNC?!). So. Those plans went right out the window. However, my hub is still going to head to Tiger Town with our almost-5-year-old, since this is Banks' weekend-before-his-birthday and all. 

Meanwhile, I'll hang back with my two youngins' and have lots of youngin' fun 'round these parts (not sure why this paragraph suddenly turned all country). We'll also be kicking off the weekend with a fun cookout with some neighborhood friends tonight and concluding it with a visit from my own Momma on Sunday (WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!!! Happy Birthday to the greatest mama there is. Love you so much!!!). Yeehaw! 

Y'all have a good one, too, ya hear? :) 


  1. What a cutie! The modeling opportunity is so much fun. He'll get a kick out of hearing about it one day.
    Loving all the orange in your post. Go Tigers! :)

    1. Thank you so, so much!! <3 Go Tigers is right!!! :)