Friday, September 12, 2014

Five On Friday: Birthday Par-tay Edition

Does anyone else out there have certain months of the year that are just chock full of birthdays for your loved ones? For us, September is a BIG birthday month! My first-born, my momma, my brother, one of my nieces, one of my nephews, and my father "in law." Oh, and then there's my mother "in law," just misses the cut-off by a day! Crazy! For that reason, I'm calling this "Five On Friday" the birthday par-tay edition. Ha!

So, I told a teensy tiny lie in my last Friday post when I said we'd be watching football all last Saturday. Nope. We actually snuck down to Aiken, where my "in laws" live, to throw a big 60th SURPRISE birthday bash for my mother "in law"!!! But. Because she reads this blog, I couldn't exactly talk about how excited I was for the party, to surprise a woman who is so loved and so deserving of all the praise and celebration in the world! I also couldn't write about how I almost ruined the whole surprise by accidentally texting her about her own surprise party. Luckily, with my heart racing and my stomach dropping, I was able to tell a quick lie to save the party. Whew! Anywho. It was a special, special day, one planned months ahead of time with lots of love for our beloved Nana. A few pics from the occasion:

Waiting outside to surprise the guest of honor. She was SHOCKED!!!
We also celebrated my "in laws" 40th wedding anniversary, too!
 I ordered the AMAZING cupcakes and cake (all gluten-free!) from Cupcrazed, an awesome bakery here in the Mill
 My sisters-in-law worked so hard to put together and create an entirely gluten-free spread that was delicious!
You can see our Nana's surprised face as she saw her gift from all of her kids/spouses/grandkids...
...a beautiful, hand-made quilt (by my talented sister "in law" of Goat & Lulu), with the leaves showcasing the handprints of the kids/spouses/grandkids

Because we were already in town, we were lucky enough to also be able to celebrate my niece's 5th birthday at her party the following day! I'm pretty sure every little girl on the planet is pretty much obsessed with Frozen. Needless to say, it was a fun afternoon celebrating a very special birthday girl. 

Speaking of birthday parties, tomorrow is the big par-tay to celebrate my little buddy's 5th birthday! To say that Banks is excited is the understatement of the century. I'll be back next week with a post full of birthday party details. :) And if you have a second to spare, would you mind saying a quick prayer that the weather cooperates for his pool party? Otherwise, we'll be swimming in the rain and puddle jumping in our 'suits. :) 

Speaking of birthdays (again), how amazing is it that six of the eight awesome ladies in my LifeGroup gave birth over a six month period to six beautiful, healthy babies?! And number seven is on the way! Here's a photo from our joint baby shower back in January as well as one from our LifeGroup get-together earlier this week: 

Okay, one non-birthday item: Banks started golf lessons earlier this week! He's taking lessons through The First Tee of Charlotte, and it is quite convenient, as they just started offering the 6-week lessons through the golf course in our neighborhood! So. Yesterday, Banks and 29 other adorable lil' golfers had their first 1.5 hour lesson. I was actually very impressed with the organization of the lesson and the number of coaches there to help the kids learn not only the basics of golfing while having fun but also to "build good character" as they informed us at the start. So cute! Lesson 1, in the books!

And with that, I have LOTS of last-minute party prep to get to (hence the lack of blog posts this week)! Have a great weekend, and come back next week for some birthday party pics and details (which I'll also be posting on my Instagram account). Party on!

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