Friday, September 4, 2015

Five On Friday: A Few Favorites Edition

Whew. Y'all. I am POOPED. Maybe it's because my insomnia reared it's ugly head again this week. Maybe it's because I am still adjusting to life with an elementary school kiddo. Who knows. What I do know is I am so happy that, not only is it Friday, but it's a three-day weekend. And not only that, but college football has officially begun. Yahoo!!!!! Here, a quick Friday Five with a few of my favorites: 

Weekends in Georgia with some of our best friends, who also just so happen to be family.

Surprise lunches with favorite kindergarteners. 

Pouty ballerinas. 

Kindergarten goodies, in the form of Boosterthon Fun Run rewards (thank you for your awesome donations to so many wonderful family members! Feel free to support our little buddy if you see fit. I guarantee he'll run his heart out for you!) and special survival kits for teachers (thank you for the AWESOME idea, Amy; all credit goes to YOU!).

Labor Day weekend, with plans for lots of football (GO TIGERS!!!!!), drinks with family members, dinner with friends, a 5K, and pool party shenanigans. Whew! 

Y'all have a great one, and one more time, GOOOOO TIGERS!!!!!

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