Sunday, August 26, 2012


Did you know that life doesn't stop when you're moving?

It doesn't.

For me, this means continuing to work my full-time job (5 more days!), spending as much time as I can with my babies, celebrating momentous occasions with friends and family, and, oh yeah, attempting to pack up 10 years worth of stuff for our little family of four (12 more days!).

All that to say, today's post will be heavy on pictures and light on words.

And I call it...Instagrammin'.

Outside of keeping up with the latest comings and goings of friends and family on Facebook and pinning left and right on Pinterest, Instagram is my other obsession.  

So, I present to you, snapshots of my life from this summer. Instagram style.

Ducks from a little boy's perspective

Bald Beach Baby

View on a nightly run

Breakfast date

Partners in crime 

Rural South Carolina

Beach Babes


That face. Those eyes.

Giddy up

Vacation memories

Droolin' over those Keds
Makes my heart smile

 Bouncin' 'round the summer

Off we go...

 Lashes for days

 Sunset soaring

Sweet Southern lady

 The new Friday night happy hour


Swinging smiles

 Drowning in boxes

 And speaking of boxes, back to work I go...

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