Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Bucket List

As a full-time working momma (not much longer!), I have made it my top priority to capitalize on every second I get with my kiddos outside of the office. Even though our time is limited, it is so important to me that I begin shaping the childhood memories that will decorate my kids’ lives.
At the beginning of the summer, I came up with a Summer Bucket List full of fun, fun, fun ideas and activities that we could do as a family throughout the summer months. 

We have slowly been checking off activities as we go while having a blast along the way. I have tried to capture pictures from most of these activities as a sort of summer scrapbook. Just a few of the things we have been up to this summer:
Jump in puddles. I am working on being more spontaneous and breaking the rules. Thus, a downpour on a random summer Sunday? What a perfect opportunity to throw on our swimsuits and go puddle jumping. It was a BLAST and a very good reminder that plans need to be thrown out the window sometimes, straight into a puddle. 

Make cupcakes from scratch. Anything that involves spending time with my little buddy and ends with a tummy full of oh-my-goodness deliciousness is a done deal in my book. Thus, Banks and I made ah-ma-zing Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip “Cookie Dough” icing after school/work one day. Delish. 


Go on a bug hunt. When my little boy was born, I could not WAIT to get down and dirty, play some football, race cars around the living room, and mend all the scratches and bruises that were sure to come our way. What I have had a harder time swallowing is my little guy’s love of bugs. As in, will not hesitate to scoop up any bug he sees and promptly show it to me. I shudder. Nonetheless, I bought him a little bug house so that he could bug-hunting to his heart’s content. He loves it. Again, I shudder.

Take an alphabet tour. Throughout the summer, we have been on the hunt for alphabet letters whenever we are out and about, whether it be on the ground in parking garages, on signs along our walk to the duck pond, or marking beach condos during a family walk, as seen here. 

Have an Indoor picnic. We have a fun family tradition wherein every Friday night we eat dinner in the den and watch a cartoon movie together. This repeatedly presents the perfect opportunity for an indoor picnic.

Go to a Braves game. Watch fireworks. We were able to kill two birds with one stone when we went to a Braves game recently and they beat the Mets, resulting in a fireworks display to commemorate the victory. Fun for all.

Have a storm theater. Any good Southerner knows that the South and summer thunderstorms go hand-in-hand. Thus, this one was easy to check off the list. Toddler with rocking chair? Check. Adorable baby with floor space for sitting? Check. Miniature yorkie who wanted a piece of the action? Check. Voila (side note: I originally spelled /voila/ as "wah lah." At the last minute I googled the spelling. Glad I did. You learn something new everyday.).

Make a bracelet from nature. I’m not gonna lie. This activity lasted all of 2 minutes, after my buddy quickly decided he was much more interested in playing baseball with his momma than scavenging for various nature masterpieces. Oh well. I’m thinking a career in landscape architecture may be out. 

Other fun things we have also checked off our list: Create and enjoy an ice cream bar; Roast marshmallows; Go on a bike ride; Have an outdoor picnic; Learn a new song; Go cloud watching; Build a fort; Play with the water table; Feed the ducks.
I’d say it’s been a fun and successful summer so far. I’d also say we better get crackin’ if we want to check off the rest of the items from our list. Cheers to a fun, memory-makin' end to the summer.

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