Sunday, March 17, 2013

By the Numbers

Some of the numbers in our life right now (as inspired by a post my sister, of Cupcakes & Running Shoes, wrote sometime last year):

3 --> Gallons of milk that are consumed in my household each week (the overwhelming majority by the littlest member of the family)

8 --> Hours it took four grown men to assemble our new swing set 

95th --> Percentile, which is where both of my kiddos fall on their respective growth charts for height

20 --> Days until my hub and I leave for a (free!) getaway to Portugal, with a 24-hour layover in Paris. But who's counting...

48 --> Hours we spent in Asheville last week, with one of my very best friends and her two sweet boys. Loved every hour and every minute

3 --> Number of books I've read over the last month or so...have definitely re-established my love of reading. Currently re-reading another much loved book and already know which two I'm reading next

4 --> Bridesmaid dresses I tried on the other day for my baby sister's wedding. They were all beautiful. She has great taste! Come on, October!

1 --> Day it's been since my little buddy's first teeball practice (and his daddy's head coaching debut!). One of the awesome-est days of my life

6 --> Visible teeth in my little lady's mouth at the ripe ol' age of 14 months, although I have a feeling more are making their way down

2 --> Average number of days I am able to carve out time to run each week. Hoping to increase this to 3 to 4 soon...

9 --> Years of marriage I'll be celebrating with my hub in June. Say wha? 

90 --> Average minutes my little lady sleeps during her one nap each day

1 --> Average number of naps my little buddy takes each week

5 --> Hours it takes to clean my house, top to bottom, every two weeks. I am thinking of asking for a maid for a cleaning or two for Mother's Day...

77 --> High temperature over the weekend. Come on, Spring!

3 --> Typical number of nights my hub is out of town each week. Minimum: one (very rare). Maximum: six (also, luckily, rare). Whew!

2 --> Times my little buddy has been able to enjoy the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in as many years, the most recent of which was with his Bammy and Digby

1 --> Piece or two? The decision I am currently trying to make about what type of swimsuit is "appropriate" for a momma of two. Thoughts??

365 --> Days I feel blessed, thankful, appreciative, grateful, lucky-beyond-words to be a stay-at-home momma. There are trying, challenging, patience-stealing, too-quick-to-anger days, without a doubt, but I truly, truly love this "job."


  1. Love this one! Maybe I'll do it again soon. And I'm currently having the same 1-piece-or-2 dilemma going on in my brain!

    1. Jess, you should! I loved that post. And I say we decide together: either 1-piece or 2 but we go all in as a unified front. :)