Monday, March 11, 2013

Remember Not to Forget

If I have learned anything from having a second baby, it's that time moves faster with each passing day. I honest-to-goodness could absolutely SWEAR I was just sitting in a hospital bed in Atlanta, large and in charge, being induced and preparing to meet my first baby, my son. 

And yet. Here we are, 3.5 years later, and time is speeding up with each minute that goes by.

That being said, today, at this moment in time, I want to remember not to forget:

  • The way my dainty little lady smiles with all her might when she first sees her Momma walk into her room each morning
  • The way that my buddy doesn't pause for breath when telling a joke-just getting straight to the punchline
  • The way my girl tucks her little hands under her belly and snuggles her head against my shoulder as soon as I pick her up
  • The fact that my sweet boy loves practicing spelling and addition while waiting in the carpool line to be dropped off at school
  • The fact that my little girl knows no gender boundaries when playing, like when she pushes a sleeve of golf balls around in her stroller or zooms a race car with one hand while holding a tea cup in the other
  • The way that my little guy will smile slyly and look at me out of the corner of his eye when trying to be sneaky
  • The way my little lady sucks in her cheeks, making a fish face, when she's concentrating.
  • The fact that my boy loves monster trucks and sword fighting more than any other activity in the world
  • The way that my little girl will, after noticing the baby gate has been left open at the bottom of the stairs, only climb about three steps and then pause and wait patiently for her daddy or me to notice before she takes off up the rest of them with lightening speed
    • The fact that my buddy loves teaching his sister new words each day, even when they include words like "hiney"
    • The way that my little girl will throw down whatever she is holding and hightail it outta there when she is trying to get somewhere she is not supposed to be and realizes she has been spotted doing so by one of her parents
    • The way that my little athlete will hit a golf ball clear across the backyard and then look at me proudly and day, "Did you see that, Momma?!?"
    • The fact that my girl can occupy herself for a lengthy period of time by just walking in and out of the threshold of the door leading outside
    • The way my sweet boy absolutely loves telling made-up stories with his Momma--I start a new story, always with "Once upon a time," and then we take turns making up parts of the story, creating new stories each time. It's amazing to see those wheels turning as he comes up with the next creative part of our tale...

    Yes, time passes too quickly these days. But. I'll do my best to remember not to forget such sweet moments and look forward to the ever-changing moments to come.

    P.S. We are off to Asheville in the morning to visit one of my very best friends (Hi Jules!) for a few days; so, there'll be a mini blog break in this little ol' space of mine while I soak in some good girl time and my kiddos soak in a 48-hour, double-playdate. :) See you soon!

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