Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From a Different Perspective

A few not-so-ordinary views from my ordinary days:

  • Bottoms up. Fresh veggie/fruit juice is where it's at first thing in the morning. And I promise. It tastes better than it looks. Sometimes. Gulp.

  • My days typically start and end racing these monster trucks, which my son loves lining up. Over and over. And this is only about one-third of them. Sheesh.

  • She's a climber, this one. If you should happen to leave the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs even the smidgiest smidge open, she will know. Even if she is on the opposite side of the house. She always knows. And she is fast. 

  • Please, Lord, let us have sunshine and warm temps so we can get our energy out outside. No? More snow? Alrighty then. 

  • This would be large cup of coffee, Numero Dos, for the day. One in the morning. One in the afternoon. I am thankful for caffeine. 

  • If I had a nickel for every time I said, "Banks, sit on your hiney (hiny? Seriously. How do you spell that?) with your feet under the table." Well. I'd have enough nickels to create a suit of armor for him to adorn so that his little legs would be too heavy to swing out from under the table. But alas. No nickels. No armor. 

  • Watching them play is my most favorite thing. Ever. I love it. And if that means hiding out in a nearby tent to enhance my observation, then so be it.

  • This is what happens when you have a hub who travels. Who travels a lot. And you want to take a daily shower without getting up any earlier than you already do (oh, 5:45 am. I loathe you.) and without staying up any later than you already do (sometimes, like last night, 9:00 pm. Party animal, right here, folks.). You shower and let your kids play in the bathroom while doing so. This is my view at least three nights a week. 

  • Ah-Ah. That's the name she gave her beloved, little pink monkey, as in, "Ah-Ah," the sound a monkey makes. She sleeps with him every night. Actually? On top of him. 

Some days are different. Some days are the same. I wouldn't trade any of them. 


  1. i can relate! my husband travels a lot, too. so my showers consist of the girls playing (aka destroying) the bathroom while i try to jump in and out in record time. sometimes i can set them up with the ipad and iphone (mom of the year) and that buys me a little more time. and then jeffrey wonders why i take 30 minute showers when he's home.... uh, maybe because every other day of the week (well, let's be honest - 4 out of 7) i barely have enough time to wash the shampoo out of my hair and i'm constantly opening the door to make sure someone is not bleeding or worse - caking on my makeup and using my toothbrush. ;)

    1. Amy, the only reason I don't bring in the iPad is because I feel certain it will somehow, some way, end up in the shower. :) And I feel you on the loooooong showers when the hubby is actually in town. Or. In my case the other day, a nice bubbly jacuzzi. Ha!

      P.S. Not sure if you've read "Proof of Heaven," but I finished it last night and it is pretty awesome. :)

    2. i haven't read it, but i will definitely check it out!! thanks for the rec!