Monday, June 10, 2013

Edisto 2013: Top 10


We're back. 

We are back. 

From our favorite trip to Edisto yet. In a word, it was awesome. Despite a quick visit from Tropical Storm Andrea, my hub and I easily agree that this has been our favorite Edisto trip so far. For so many reasons. But. Here are my Top 10 (in no particular order):

10. Cousins. Seriously, cousins (and sisters, of course!) make such wonderful friends. I am so, so happy that Banks has an older (boy) cousin to look up to and two cousins who are within three months of age to play with. And that Raleigh has a sweet girl cousin who is just nine months older (and a boy cousin who is just eight months younger!) than her to play with. Our kiddos get so excited when they get together, and it was my absolute pleasure to take this little crew on a hand-holding walk around the neighborhood to kick off the trip! And then watch them play together, so well, throughout the week. So, so sweet. 

A.Dor.A.Ble. outfits by Goat & Lulu

9. Conquering fears. Although this was Raleigh's third trip to the beach in just 16 months, she was pretty fearful terrified upon arriving to Edisto this year. 

Exhibit A. Not such a fan just yet. 

However. After less than 24 hours, she could not have been a bigger fan of the sand beneath her toes nor the waves crashing at her feet. In fact, she preferred to venture into the water alone, shaking off her Daddy and me when we attempted to hold her hand as waves approached. 

Raise your hands if you love the beach

8. He still loves his Momma. Oh y'all. Yes, this was a fun, fun, fun year with the kiddos. But also? A tough one for this Momma's heart. Because I was able to see, first-hand, that I may not always be my son's first choice for playmate. Not when there are other kids around. Honestly? At some points, I felt guilty, because my toddler was so in need of her momma, and my preschooler was so un-in-need of his momma, that my time was clearly more heavily dedicated to time with my littlest than my biggest. But then? Our last day at the beach. I asked my buddy if he would play with me at some point during the day. "Yes, Momma. I will. But not now. Later." He promised. And you know what? Shortly before lunchtime, he approached me, all on his own, and said, "Momma, I'm ready. Let's go play!" And play we did. Horseshoes. Sword fights. Water guns. Catch. I'll never forget his giggles and the way my heart felt knowing that, at least for a little while, he just wanted to play with his Momma. 

Three cheers for beach play time!

7. Our Nana and Pop. I am very extremely beyond blessed to have parents, on both sides of the family, who love my babies more than life itself. One of the reasons I love summertime so much is all the time we are able to spend with family. Especially with grandparents. And this year's Edisto trip was no exception. Our Nana and Pop are simply the best, and my kiddos just adore them. It's easy to see why. 

6. QT with my hub. My hub is a hard-workin' man. Have I mentioned that before? And I am a hard-working Momma, too. So. It is really, really nice when we get to put our work to the side and spend so much time together, both as a family and as a couple. And as the ultimate Edisto 2013 Cornhole Champs. :) 

My one and only.

5. Making the most of it. Sometimes life is unpredictable. You know what else is? The weather. Enter: Tropical Storm Andrea, who decided to grace us with her presence in the middle of our 2013 beach vacation. Meh--didn't faze us one bit. Because when life gives you a tropical simply set up shop in the beach house garage. And by set up, I mean start a family cornhole tourney. And keep the drinks flowin'. One of my favorite afternoons of the trip. Take that, Tropical Storm Andrea. 

4. A Daddy's love. My hub adores his kids. And my kids adore their Daddy. That, alone, is enough to bring me enough happiness for a lifetime. Throw in the beach and well, this Momma's heart just soars. 

3. Momma's Day Out. When we used to live in Atlanta, my sister-in-law, who just so happens to be one of my favorite friends, and I used to get together, once a month, for "Momma's Night Out" (MNO). As new mommas, we looked so forward to these nights when we could let loose, drink good wine, have great conversations, and be off-duty as mommas. Now that I've moved out-of-state, our visits are too few and far between for this momma's liking. So. It was so special when we ventured out to Charleston for the day, doing some app-eating, margarita-drinking, and market-shopping. Loved every second. 

2. Seeing memories through a child's eyes. My very favorite part of the beach is knowing that these are the memories my children will carry with them throughout their lifetimes. My memories are becoming their memories. And they are damn good ones. 

1. Family. Even though I am a stay-at-home Momma now, I still treasure the extra-special time I get to spend with my little family of four, for a whole week, together, with the beach and family as a beautiful backdrop. Our beach trip was so special and memorable this year, in large part because of the people I was lucky enough to spend it with. 


More Nana and Pop love

My little loves

Sweet Raleigh Jane

My precious little buddy, Banks

Our lil' family

And now? The countdown is on 'til Edisto 2014! 

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  1. Love. Especially, of course, #3. It was definitely an awesome day. Loved every second too. :) xoxo