Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Let's move on to something a little lighter, shall we? 


Our 2013 Summer Bucket List!

Last year, even though I was still a full-time working momma with two little ones, we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun times on the weekends and after work during the week nights as part of our 2012 Summer Bucket List

Now, I am in a different boat and am lucky enough to stay home with my kiddos full time; so, we are taking full advantage of our summer together while Banks is out of "school" and trying to have fun, fun, fun!! Bonus points for when Daddy is in town and able to partake, too!

Anywho, I know I am always looking for fun summer ideas; so, I thought I'd share our list in case you are looking for some, too! Some of these I brainstormed, some of these I borrowed from Pinterest, all of them will certainly prove to be memory-makin' good times. 

Now, onto the list (as well as to a few of the items we've already crossed off!): 

And in case that's hard to read from the photo, here is the list written out for your reading pleasure:

Our 2013 Summer Bucket List
1. Run through the sprinklers
2. Have a Donut Picnic
3. Enjoy outside story time
4. Have our second annual Momma Date to the movies
5. Go to Carowinds
6. Start a family water gun war
7. And also host a (surprise!) water balloon ambush
8. Make banana splits
9. Do face painting on all family members
10. Visit the children's museum.
11. Have happy Hour at the Dairy Barn
12. Stay up late for flashlight wars
13. Build sandcastles
14. Make s’mores
15. Surprise the kids with evening sparklers
16. Mail letters to grandparents
17. Attend library story time
18. Go bowling
19. Go strawberry picking
20. Collect and paint rocks
21. Hike at the Greenway
22. Make flower crowns for the kids
23. Make bird feeders
24. Build a backyard obstacle course
25. Have the kids choose the dinner menu
26. Play putt putt
27. Make popsicles
28. Go to a baseball game
29. Make cement footprints
30. Let the kiddos be the photogs for a day
31. Participate in our second annual puddle jumping
32. Make peach pie

So, that being said, what can we cross off so far? 

**Run through the sprinklers

Sprinkler fun courtesy of Aunt Jess and Cousin Cameron, during the weekend we just spent in Winston-Salem. My dainty little Raleigh was NOT a fan (and thus, not in the photo).

**Have a donut picnic

Daddy was away five days in a row last week. It called for a donut picnic. Kids loved it. Momma loved it. Success.

**Visit the children's museum 

Another check off the list from our weekend in Winston-Salem. We attended the COOLEST children's museum/science center called SciWorks. It was so.much.fun. for kids/cousins of all ages!

**Build Sandcastles

This was a no-brainer given our recent Edisto beach trip. Hey, they can't all be original, right?

**Make s'mores

A new Father's Day tradition in our home: fireside s'mores. The kids were so excited! And so were we!

**Attend library story time

Our playdate group attended story time at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library last week, which concluded with bubbles from a bubble machine. Raleigh was so, so excited and so, so happy. And so was her Momma. 

**Go strawberry picking

Even though it was a little chilly when we went strawberry pickin' in May, it was still a fun new tradition to start in my babies' new home town

**Go to a baseball game

Although we are actually going to a local, minor league game later this month (Go Knights!), last night we went to  my hub's church league softball game. Y'all. Our kids cheered him on with every ounce of strength they have in their little bodies. In the POURING rain. It was, in a word, amazing. 

**Participate in our second annual puddle-jumping

This was one of my favorite items from our 2012 Summer Bucket List; so, it was a no-brainer to include it again this year. Banks gets SO excited when I spontaneously tell him to throw on his suit (in the middle of a rainstorm!) and head outside. I will NEVER forget the sounds of his laugher as we splash away!

I think we're off to a good start to our 2013 Summer Bucket List so far! Bring on the checkmarks, memories, and fun!!! Update on our progress coming later this summer...


  1. so much fun!! i love lists...and love checking things off of them- especially when they involve things like donuts and sprinklers. ;)

    and my laney is NOT a fan of the sprinkler either. i think it has something to do with the startle reflex/reaction time or something??? b/c she LOVES the water, loves the pool, etc. but being splashed by the sprinkler just freaks her out! ha!

    1. Amy...you and me both! My mom always used to tell me I would lose my head if it wasn't attached...maybe that's why I rely so much on lists?! ;)

      So funny that our little ladies aren't big fans of the sprinklers...they just don't know what they're missing out on yet! Clay did "glide" Raleigh down the slip 'n slide last night (and by "glide" I mean launch her down it and straight into the pool at the end). You can imagine how well that went over. :)