Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome to Our Home: Banks' Room

Well. We've been in our "new" home for 8.5 months now. And I can now finally say, that ONE room is completely "done." That's right. One. ONE room. Sheesh. 

I am just having a hard time committing to what I want in each room of the house. There are a few pictures hung and, to be fair, the playroom is also almost done. I guess maybe I find kid rooms easier to decorate than grown-up rooms. Hmpf. I wonder what that says about me... 

Anyway. I digress.

Hip, hip, hooray! Yahoo! Yippee! One room is done. And it just so happens to be a room that also very closely resembles the same room in our old Atlanta house. But. Details, details. Let's not get distracted by small details. Let me just relish in the fact that, almost nine months after moving in, hooray! ONE room is done.

And it just so happens to be my little buddy's room. 

You can see what his room looked like in our Atlanta home here. But here it is, in our new home, with a few new details, in all it's little boy glory.

One side of Banks' room (I LOVE the wainscoting but cannot take credit for it or the light blue wall color-we were lucky enough to move in with it already like this)

Here is Banks' big boy bed (from Pottery Barn Kids), with the guardrail now removed. The bin at the foot of his bed holds stuffed animals as well as the baby blanket my mom knitted for him. I bought the big "B" online and painted it navy blue. One of my favorite new additions to the room!

The bedding is the ever-popular madras print from Pottery Barn. I love it because it can definitely grow with him and can be incorporated to any number of room changes and paint color changes.

Y'all. I MADE this name pillow!!! Are you impressed? Well, don't be. I simply took a pillow used in Banks' old nursery, wrapped it with fabric (a la present-style), and held it together with scotch tape in the back! Ha! Same thing with the letters: I free-handed them and cut them out of felt and used double-sided tape to adhere them to the pillow. I definitely plan to get a more functional pillow from Goat & Lulu one day...maybe one not held together using scotch tape. :)

I ordered these old airplane postcards back when we were living in Atlanta but having been looking for the perfect way to showcase them. Enter Pottery Barn kids and these awesome bungee boards that I found on sale. Score!

This vintage plane is on one of the corner shelves above Banks' bed. I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I love their (often on sale!) decor items!

These items are on the other corner shelf above his bed. I picked up the wooden biplane during a girls' shopping trip during beach vacation last summer. The canister is from Hobby Lobby, also purchased last year (on sale, I'm sure).   

Banks' dresser is also from Pottery Barn Kids. The two frames on the desk house photos of him with each of his parents as a newborn. There is also a red oblong bucket that is used to hold odds and ends. The propeller clock and vintage airplane print were purchase from Hobby Lobby as were the "F-L-Y" letters, which I painted navy blue. My favorite item from the dresser?...

The airplane lamp! I bought this little lamp from Target and glued navy blue ribbon along the top and bottom of the shade. I then cut navy blue paper using an airplane punch and glued them to the inside of the lamp. This way, when it's illuminated, the airplane shadows show through the shade.

Here is the other half of Banks' room.

Three biplanes hang from the ceiling and float freely through the air. 

I picked up this shelving system from Target as well as the covered buckets (which were from the $1 section). I covered the cross in the same fabric used on Banks' new name pillow. His teeball trophy (as well as one of his Dad's trophies, per his request) are also on display. 

Hanging on the wall above the shelving unit but below the hanging airplanes is the most special piece in the room: The Purple Heart that was given to Banks' namesake and so sweetly passed down to him by our Nana and Pop. So, so special.

We totally lucked into these red curtains, with came with the home and, believe it or not, already had the adorable airplane curtain hangers!


These are two new additions to the room...

I simply spray-painted an old, cheap frame navy blue and covered the backing with navy blue chevron fabric. Then I found a Google image of an airplane, traced it onto red cardstock, cut it out, and glued it to the fabric. Voila! Cheap, easy, and cute!

These adorable airplane hooks (that just so happen to match the bedding perfectly!) were made by Sweet as Peas. I love them!

So, there you have it! The ONE room in our house that is finally finished. I really love how it turned out. :) 

Stay tuned for future home decorating progress. Hopefully it won't take another 9 months to finish the next room...

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  1. I am totally LOL-ing about the pillow!! PLEASE just let me sew that thing together for you so you don't have scotch taped-pillows laying around your house! Hilarious! The room looks great!