Friday, October 25, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: A Fireside Chat

Hey there, friend! I'm so glad you could join me for a little coffee on this atypically cold Fall morning here in the great state of South Carolina (via link up with Rags to Stitches). Given the chilly temps this morning, were you to join me at my home for coffee, I would invite you to pull up a pillow as we sat fireside and enjoyed a little Starbucks (yes, mine is still decaf) after a quick coffee run. 

First, I would want to hear about your life. What's new? What's old? What's on your mind? What are your plans for the weekend? I would want to hear all things YOU as we began our coffee date. I would then share the following about me:

...That today, I am 13 weeks pregnant! Just a couple more days and I am officially into my second trimester, which means I'll be officially 1/3 of the way through with this pregnancy. Wow!! I'm definitely looking forward to the bright spot that is second trimester: More energy, more bump than bloat, more nesting, even more excitement on Banks' and Raleigh's faces as they see my tummy grow, grow, grow. 

...That, as we have done for the last several years, we (as in, my hub's side of the family) are working together to raise money in an amazing man's honor, his late grandfather, who was not only a man of great faith and tradition, but a loving, giving, shining example of what a great patriarch should be. He has been truly missed since his passing, but we believe that raising money in his honor each year, and using it to provide Thanksgiving families for 80+ families in Aiken, South Carolina, is a beautiful way to commemorate him. We would so appreciate you taking a moment to consider donating. No donation is too small! 

...That Halloween is in full effect in our neighborhood! People go ALL OUT for Halloween here. We have our neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow, which includes a costume parade, chili contest, music, games, face-painting, and, of course, candy! Yippee! Next week, we'll head out on our neighborhood's "creepy crawl," which entails riding around via tractor-pulled-hayride to take in all the amazing decorations around the 'hood. And then, on Halloween, we'll go to a "Halloweenies" party at our neighbor's house, which involves hot dog eating and beer drinking before all of the neighborhood kids head out for a little trick-or-treating. Whew! It should be a blast!!

...That, aside from our neighborhood Halloween party on Saturday and some family photos we're having taken on Sunday, this weekend will be a much needed relaxed one, filled with football watching and a few home projects. 

...That it's good we're resting up this weekend because next weekend is my best friend, my baby sister's, wedding weekend. Yahoo!!!!! We've been waiting for this day, when she'll marry her high school sweetheart and love of her life, for a long time and cannot wait for all the family fun and festivities. 

...That we found out about a month ago that my other best friend (my middle sister), her hub (who happens to be my hub's lifelong best friend), and my niece are moving to Georgia. While they are currently a short 90-minute drive away, their move will make it a 5+ hour road trip. Although we will miss them terribly, we are so excited for the opportunity that has presented itself for them, are thrilled for the adventures that lie ahead, and know they are making the right decision. This will just mean another excuse for more frequent trips back to Georgia!

...That Banks had his 4-year appointment yesterday. He is now 43.5 inches tall (97th percentile), weighs  42.2 pounds (89th percentile), and was a trooper when getting his three shots and finger prick. I'm so glad my hub accompanied us to the visit because I suddenly and totally unexpectedly became tearful when they were doing his shots and he was crying in pain. :( Luckily, I'm guessing the post-check-up trip to the toy store to spend his birthday money helped with his super fast recovery. And he was so excited to spend his birthday money to pick out, what else, some new race cars as well as his first Spiderman action figure and a lion (random selection, right?!).

Pre-shot smiles

Decisions, decisions at the toy store

...That I attended the most FUN neighborhood party earlier this week, called "My Favorite Things." It was a women's only party that required all 30 of us to each bring five of the same item, each costing $5 or less. By the end of the party, we each left with five different items that other guests brought as their favorite things. It was a blast!!

...That my hub was in town ALL WEEK this week and it was absolutely glorious not having him travel. I cannot remember the last time this happened, and I loved having his company in the mornings and evenings, his extra hands at the end of the day when I was dragging with first tri exhaustion, and the extra belly laughs that came from my kiddos as they soaked up extra Daddy time. Just awesome. 

...That we met with our new small group for the first time earlier this week and could not be more excited for all that lies ahead with our group: to grow our faith, to continue to get to know our new friends, for my hub and I to grow and flourish in our relationship, and to see the friendships develop between all of our little ones. An answered prayer for sure. 

And with that, now officially warmed by the fire, we would give our fond farewells and go about our weekend ways, but not before I wished you a Happy (early!) Halloween!!

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