Friday, October 4, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: Coffee with a Cliffhanger

Top of the (beautiful! Fall!) mornin' to you, friends! Thank you so, so much for stopping by my little home on the internet, where I'm joining with Rags to Stitches for yet another Coffee Date Friday. 

Were you to visit me in the Mill, I would invite you to join me in our newly redecorated family room (!!) and make yourself at home. I would pour you a cup of the Dunkin Donuts coffee we always have on hand and listen as you filled me in on all things YOU. I would then dive into the following about little ol' me: 

...I would be SQUEEEEEEALING with excitement over the most random, unexpected, super duper EXCITING that happened to me yesterday!!! Ahhhh!!!! I wish I could spill the beans, but I won't be able to until next week. Stay tuned...Eeeeeeeek!!!!!

...I would tell you we are excited to be at home for the second weekend in a row after a fun-filled, travel-heavy summer. I would then share that I am even more excited to be home this weekend because we'll have some of our favorite visitors with us all weekend: our Nana and Pop! We have some fun things planned and are, as always, beyond thrilled to soak in some quality family time.

...I would share that we are volunteering in our church's nursery again this Sunday. Last time, it was my hub, myself, and 17 children between the ages of 1 and 2. I would tell you how exhausting that was and admit that, like last time, I'm guessing family-wide naps will be happening immediately after church this Sunday. 

...I would also share that my hub and I are joining a small group through our neighborhood and church for married couples with young children and are really looking forward to devoting time to focusing on what we value most while also making some new friends of all ages.

...I would talk about our trip to the NASCAR museum last Sunday, on my Banks' 4th birthday. Now, if you know me (which, I'm assuming you do since you're sitting in my family room), you know that my hub and I are not, quite really at all in any sense of the word, NASCAR fans. But. If you know my son, you know that he loves race cars more than just about anything. So. Our visit was a sacrifice for love, one that was actually quite fun-filled and was met with lots of 4-year-old smiles. 

...I would superficially mention that I just ordered a new pair of boots that I am really excited about. Hey--sometimes, it's the little things, right?!

...I would tell you, after shouting out a resounding C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-R----S!, that my Tigers, currently ranked 4th, have started off the season strong, with a 4-0 record, and that I'm hoping we keep the dream alive by beating Syracuse this weekend. 

...I would talk about a festive playdate we had earlier this week to one of my favorite seasonal Charlotte stops, Hall Family Farm. Between the hayrides and the mazes and the pumpkins and the funnel cakes and the pumpkin bean bag games and the ol' timey water wells and the spider made of hay, we had a great time with good friends. 

...I would also share my excitement over all the fun things happening in my neighborhood this month! We have this amazing Activities Director on staff whose job is to plan all kinds of exciting events for both kids and parents alike. With the start of Fall, and the beginning of the month o' Halloween, there should be lots of family fun in store here in the Mill!

...Speaking of Halloween, I would tell you that I *think* I've decided on my kiddos' Halloween costumes. I couldn't convince my hub to do a family costume again this year. So. It will just be my duo dressed in their Halloween best. Their costumes will come as no surprise to anyone who knows them...

And with that, I would thank you for stopping by, thank you for being a good friend, and thank you for listening. I would also wish you a festive, Fall, fun-filled weekend!

See you soon, friend!

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