Sunday, October 6, 2013

Raleigh, One point Seven Five

Over the weekend, my sweet Raleigh Jane turned 21 months, which translates to 1 3/4 years, which translates to oh-my-dear-Lord my baby's almost 2!

For memory's sake, here's what my little bit is up to these days:

  • My little lady is still long and lean, clocking in at the 95th percentile for height and the 39th percentile for weight. She mostly wears Size 2T clothes and a Size 4 diaper. She wears a Size 7 shoe, although I think we'll be bumping that up this week after getting her feet measured. She also has some new teeth that are slowly coming in, and luckily, she's been a little trooper with the teething pain so far. 

  • Raleigh talks in full sentences now, most of which are clear as day. For example, the other afternoon she said, "My elbow hurts SO bad, Momma!" Just like that. She can also count to 15 and say her ABC's (with a few letters jumbled along the way). Yes, she is quite the eloquent little toddler talker and still loves singing, too. Her favorite song? "Jingle Bells," which we sing all the time while driving from place to place. 

  • Raleigh has been fighting a hard battle against naps the last week. She will lay in her crib, just playing, for a good 2.5 hours before finally conking out, and even then, only for about 45 minutes or so. No, sweet little lady, we are absolutely NOT giving up naps. Especially when your 4-year-old brother still takes them!

  • Raleigh Jane is generally a good eater. She really is not too picky yet and especially seems to love fruits and vegetables. Who am I kidding? This girl has a suh-weet tooth and asks for something sweet from the minute she wakes up (cinnamon sticks) until just after dinner time (treats). She clearly takes after her Momma. 

  • My Rals started gymnastics over a month ago, and I have been shocked at how much she's learned and how quickly she's picked things up. She can now do forward rolls all by herself, and proceeds to do so, all over the house. She is also working on her wall-assisted handstand. She's pretty flexible and will be quick to demonstrate her middle split. But her favorites? Swinging on the uneven bars and jumping on the long, tumbling trampoline. Such a sweet little gymnast. 

  • Raleigh can be the sweetest child on the planet. Seriously. She still says, "I love you," totally unprompted, to everyone! Her parents. Her brother. Her grandparents. Her aunts and uncles. Her cousins. Her friends. Any stranger that crosses her path in the grocery store. She is just so affectionate, and it absolutely melts my least, it does at her current age...

  • Raleigh can also be a very defiant child. She will run in the opposite direction and HIDE when it's time to get dressed or change her diaper. She will look me straight in the eye and refuse to budge a single inch when I ask her to "please come here." I have a feeling she is going to keep us on our toes as a teen. Whew!

  • RJ is now forward-facing in her car seat. We turned her around over the summer, and I just love looking in the rearview mirror and seeing her happy smile with the slightest of dimples peeking through her right cheek. 

  • Hair!! Raleigh's hair is really coming in! And not only that, but it is growing in as these wild blonde ringlets. What's more, we have graduated to actual hair bows, not just head bands. Yahoo!! 

  • Raleigh Jane is definitely the risk-taker when it comes to her and Banks. While Banks tends to be much more cautious, she doesn't seem to have a nervous bone in her body when faced with daunting new tasks. Take for example, the horseback-riding opportunity my little duo were presented with during this past weekend's Fall festival. While Banks asked that I walk alongside him while he rode, I don't think Raleigh even noticed her Daddy walking next to her nor did she request his assistance. I have a feeling she'll be the little girl throwing the new tumbling passes without a second thought. 

My Rals is my "best pal" and I am just so excited to see what the future holds for my girl as she continues to grow and thrive as a beautiful, independent, sweet-natured little lady. However. I won't mind it one single bit if the future can just take.its.time. and allow me to continue trying to soak up all these sweet toddler moments with my girl. 

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