Friday, October 11, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: Yard Sale Edition

Hey y'all! Thanks so much for stopping by for a little coffee to kickstart the weekend (via link up with Rags to Stitches). I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some coffee and convo; so, off we go!

Were we to meet for some warm coffee on this cool morning, I would invite you to join me on my screened in porch, pull up a chair, wrap yourself in a quilt, and dive in to all things YOU. 

Next, I would share that...

...Tomorrow is our neighborhood yard sale, and we are participating for the first time. My goal is to make enough money to cover some of our Christmas shopping for this year. Fingers crossed! And if you're local to Fort Mill or Charlotte, come on by! I'll have some furniture,  rugs, clothing, house goods, toys, and various odds and ends ready to sell, starting at 7:30 am sharp! 

...My beautiful niece, Cameron, turned 2 yesterday. Say wha?!? I still remember talking to my sister, Whitney, on the phone as we anxiously awaited the news of my sister, Jessie's, first baby's arrival and whether that baby was a he or a she. Well, that baby turned out to be a she, Cameron Kate, and she has grown into this beautiful, smart, spunky, fun-loving, sunglass-wearing, elephant-toting little girl. I can't wait to celebrate her birthday next weekend!

...Despite the hot temperatures last week, Fall has now officially arrived in South Carolina and seems here to stay.

...Most of our new Master bedroom furniture arrives next week and I'm so excited! However. I'm still looking for a new rug as well as a bench to put at the end of our bed. Please let me know if you have a go-to places to shop for these types of things, friend!

...I took Banks to be fitted for his first ever tuxedo yesterday, as he'll be rockin' the ring bearer role when my baby sister gets married in just 23 days. Oh.My.Word. Y'all. Little boys in tuxedos? It's just too, too much.

...We fulfilled our monthly, nursery-volunteering gig this past Sunday and it was SO much better (and easier!) than the first time. Maybe that's because my hub and I had 17 one- to two-year olds the first time and just 5 six- to 12-month olds (with another, seasoned volunteer working alongside us) this go-round. Not one tear was shed, and every single child was adorable and an absolute angel the entire service. Praise the Lord!

...I met with our new small group leader earlier this week, and my hub and I are so excited to get started in less than two weeks!

...Oh, and the cliffhanger I mentioned last week? Well, it turned out to be this incredibly awesome, won't-soon-forget-it kind of deal. You've probably heard me mention a time or two or twenty-two just how much I love the show "Homeland." You've heard me urging you to watch because the script is suspensefully amazing, the casting is outstanding, and the acting is phenomenal. So. Imagine my completely over-the-top excitement when I was contacted about being an extra for an episode that will air later this season. Ahhh!!!!! It all started a couple months ago when I found out the show is filmed in Charlotte, just over 20 minutes from my house. I submitted to be an extra but never heard back. Fast forward to late last week, when I was contacted and asked if I'd be available to come in this past Tuesday to film as one of the extras. Ahhh!!!! Cue celebratory dance and frantic search to find an all-day babysitter. Success! So. On Tuesday, I spent 12 hours filming and waiting and filming and waiting. It was awesome!! No spoilers will be given BUT look for me later this season (Episode 11, I believe). Honestly, I don't even care if I can be seen on the episode. It was just such an awesome experience to be a part of something I truly enjoy and work alongside people whose talents I so respect. Ahhh!!!! 

And with that, I would give you a warm hug before going to greet my little ones as they awoke. I would wish you a wonderful weekend and make plans to meet up again next week, same time, same place. See you then!

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  1. ** MOVIE STAR **
    or, TV STAR...
    pretty much exciting either way ;)
    Hope you have tons of luck on that garage sale!!!
    We Love our small group - hope y'all get all plugged in and have some awesome fellowship!
    We started Christmas shopping pretty early this year then stopped.
    Considering Christmas is some 70something days away, it's time to get crackin.